E-Liquid | Salt Nicotine

BUBBA (Fruit Iced)


Nicotine Strengths: 35MG & 50MG

Original Bubblegum

VG/PG: 60% / 40%

Enjoy the classic sweetness of an original pink bubblegum, iced to perfection to deliver a nostalgic & refreshing experience.

Blue Razz Bubblegum

VG/PG: 60% / 40%

Taste the wonder of an iced, frozen blue raspberry mixed with sweetened notes of bubblegum. The experience is an irresistible & vibrant e-liquid blend.

Grape Bubblegum

VG/PG: 60% / 40%

Blending the bold flavors of juicy grapes and sweet bubblegum with a crisp, cooling ice finish for a one-of-a-kind vaping experience.

Melon Bubblegum

VG/PG: 60% / 40%

Enjoy succulent, ripe melons with the candied notes of bubblegum, all cooled by a refreshing icy finish.

Sour Apple Bubblegum

VG/PG: 60% / 40%

A tangy twist of tart green apples paired with sweet bubblegum, finished by an icy & cooled kick.