Disposables | Closed System Device


2500 Puffs

Nicotine Strength: 50MG

Bubbamelon Ice

Juicy watermelon chunks infused into bubblegum with a cool finish.

Peachy Ice

Plump peaches infused into soft and chewy gummies, finished with a refreshing hit of ice.

Jollyapple Ice

Sweet and tart green apple hard candy finished with an ice-cold twist!

Bluerazz Ice

Sweet and subtle notes of blue raspberry met with an invigorating menthol.

Just Mint

Just like the name states, nothing but sweet minty notes for one cool vaping experience.

Mango Aloe

Sweet and creamy mango notes finished with a heavy-handed jolt of aloe vera.

Hawaiian Ice

Crafted with tropical vibes in mind, indulge yourself in this blend of pineapple and sweet menthol ice.

Kiwiberry Ice

Tart kiwi notes balanced with a sweet strawberry goodness and topped with a heavy layer of ice.

Grape Aloe

Juicy Concord grapes blended with the refreshingly cool notes of aloe vera.

Grapple Ice

Tart apple slices balanced with sweet grapes and finished with an icy menthol kick.