5 Majestic As FVCK Gift Ideas for Unicorns Everywhere!

5 Majestic As FVCK Gift Ideas for Unicorns Everywhere!

With a little under a week until Christmas, have your completed all your holiday shopping yet?  No?  It's okay, BLVK Unicorn is here to help!  Allow us to lend a helping hand by offering up 5 Majestic As FVCK Gift Ideas for Unicorns everywhere!

Gift Idea #1: JOLLY AS FVCK Long Sleeve Shirt

You can forget about showing up to the Holiday parties with those heavy-knit "ugly sweaters" then hesitate each time you decide to wear the thing outside of the holiday season.  Just a thought, why spend the time and energy picking up something that's essentially a single-use piece of clothing when you can easily snuggle up to our JOLLY AS FVCK Limited Edition Long Sleeve Shirts?!  Released a couple weeks ago, this seasonal one-off shirt captures the holiday spirit, while also making a DOPE AS FVCK statement while you're at it.

Be the true homie and scoop one of these up for those same homies.  Available in sizes Small to Double XL.  Act fast, due to this being a Limited Edition run, once we're out, we're out!


Gift Idea #2: BLVK Unicorn Hoodie

Timeless, classic, our OG Unicorn swag.  That's right, this is our standard BLVK Unicorn Hoodie, this time updated with our new logo to keep things fresh.  If you have that one particular friend that just spews all his or her love for BLVK Unicorn, or if that person is you, THIS is the gift to pick up.  Our hoodie exudes true Majestic As FVCK vibes the moment you put it on.  It is a distinct, yet perfectly functional hoodie to both make that statement AND keep you warm for those bitter winters that us Southern Californians have yet to experience.

Quit dilly-dallying.  Finish up that holiday spending spree and scoop up a hoodie if you know what's best for you.  You won't regret it and your friends definitely won't for that matter.


Gift Idea #3: DOPE/CHILL/SALTY AS FVCK Snapback


Now you might be thinking, "BLVK, why propose snap back hats as options for holiday gifts?"  The answer is simple: VERSATILITY.  We're not a fashion expert or anything but, our iconic DOPE, CHILL, and SALTY AS FVCK hats go well with just about everything!  Give us an outfit where at least one of these hats won't compliment the look - we'll wait.

Embrace the statement.  Fuel the vision.  What are you waiting for?  All 3 of these hats are available on our site and they're dying to sit on the heads of the deserved.

Gift Idea #4: BLVK Unicorn Accessories

Maybe you already have your gift situation sorted and are just looking to spice up the gift with something small.  In that case, our accessories make the perfect addition!  Never lose your keys again with our BLVK Unicorn Carabiner.  Flaunt the proven fact that everything you do is simply Majestic As FVCK with our License Plate frames, available for your car and motorcycle!  Last, but certainly not least, we have our lanyards.  Accessorize your outfit with our signature BLVK Unicorn Lanyards.  All are available now, patiently waiting for to be that extra umph in your gifts.

Gift Idea #5: A Bunch of BLVK Unicorn Premium E-Liquids

Just a thought - our final gift idea is something so simple, it should have just been repeated 5 consecutive times throughout this article.  It is our bread and butter; our peanut butter and jelly, our macaroni and cheese - you get the point.  JUICES!  BLVK Unicorn juices!  Who could resist SEVEN e-liquid collections?  BLVK, WYTE, FRZN, CHBY, SALT, MILK, and TBCO equates to fruits, desserts, menthol, tobacco, and everything outside and in-between.  Seven e-liquid collections, giving your pals almost endless possibilities of different flavor combinations and ultimately, exponentially improving their vaping experiences.

If you're all out of ideas, try this fool-proof gift out.

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