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6000 Puffs | 5.0% Nicotine

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Fruit Ice

Berry Blush

Enjoy a burst of tangy excitement with this tasty Cranberry, and Apple fusion.

Peachy Gummy

Juicy, ripe peaches mixed with the perfect level of sweet gummy goodness.

Blue Slushie

A refreshing blast of ice mixed with sweet blue raspberry.

Bruce Chee

Candied lychee topped with a refreshing blast of cool menthol.

Bubba Melon

A unique pairing of watermelon and bubblegum finished with hints of ice.

Cool Grapple

A fusion of juicy grapes and crisp apples cooled to perfection.

Icy Tundra

Smooth spearmint followed by a refreshing mentholated kick.

Kiwi Bang

Candied orange and crisp kiwi blended with a refreshingly cool sensation.

Tropic Thunder

A tropical mixed fruit blend finished with a heavy-handed mentholated breeze.


Coco Melo

A tropical coconut delight with subtle hints of vanilla and chilled to perfection.

Strawberry Swirlz

Frozen strawberries paired with a decadent vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla Swirlz

Rich custard overtones mixed with creamy vanilla undertones.


American Tobacco

A full-bodied blend mixed with sweet undertones for that classic American tobacco taste.

Havana Tobacco

Each puff takes you to the streets of Havana with the rich and robust flavors of a Cuban Cigar.