E-Liquid | Salt Nicotine

MINT (Fruit Iced)


Nicotine Strengths: 35MG & 50MG

Original Spearmint

Nothing beats the smooth, refreshingly icy hit of our award-winning spearmint.

VG/PG: 60% / 40%

Double Spearmint

Who would have thought you can add MORE spearmint, more ice, and more ultra-chill goodness?! Indulge your senses and bring it on!

VG/PG: 60% / 40%

Apple Spearmint

Orchard-fresh notes of apple mixed with refreshingly cool spearmint notes.

VG/PG: 60% / 40%

Cherry Spearmint

Savor the bold essence of ripe cherries paired with the notes of a frosty spearmint finish.

VG/PG: 60% / 40%

Lime Spearmint

Zesty, tangy burst of lime complemented by the refreshing pairing of spearmint and ice.

VG/PG: 60% / 40%

Melon Spearmint

Cool, frozen melons on the inhale finished with a smooth spearmint sheen on the exhale.

VG/PG: 60% / 40%