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All products manufactured and distributed by BLVK E-Liquid possess safety information in the form of either a Product Safety Data Sheet, a Certificate of Analysis, or both. These documents are designed to provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that all products are manufactured to the highest safety standards mandated by health ministries and governments worldwide.

If a specific product or nicotine level is not present, please reach out to our Compliance Officer.


Closed System


Ello (2.5K Puffs)

  • MSDS Reports
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • CE Certificate
  • RoHS Certificate
  • IECEE Certificate

Ello Plus (6K Puffs)

Open E-Liquid

Salt Nicotine Collections

Open E-Liquid

Freebase Nicotine Collections

BLVK (Fruits)

WYTE (Desserts)


ZERO (Flavorless)