BLVK LOVE is in the Air!

BLVK LOVE is in the Air!


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's more important than ever to put your best foot forward, if not for yourself, but for your loved ones!

One of the the most fool-proof methods of showing how much you care for your significant other (or for yourself), is to be as healthy as possible.  This means if you're lacking in the go-to-the-gym department, you'd likely get that sorted.  And if you've been slacking on a cleaner diet, you'd likely make a trip to the Farmer's Market for a vegetable run.  The same can be said if you are a habitual cigarette smoker and your partner absolutely hates that.

If you've been struggling with kicking the habit of the analog stinkies, here's some helpful encouragement from the brand that loves you to the moon and back, BLVK!

The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself is a Smoke-Free Lifestyle

I'm sure you're well-aware of why it's a great idea to kick the habit of cigarettes.  Between bad breath, smelly clothes, yellow teeth, and shortness of breath, just to name a few, sustained use of cigarettes is absolutely detrimental to your health, let alone your partner's perception of you.

We get it though - being told to quit the cigarettes has often been attempted, several times.  Did you know that it's not as hard as you thought?  By switching to vaping, which acts as an alternative to traditional smoking, you can still get your nicotine fix without any of the negative side effects!  Just think of what you can accomplish by kicking the habit!  Here are a few tips off the top of our heads:

More Stamina for "Couple Activities" 

As much as you're thinking what "Couple Activities" may relate to, we'll keep it fairly PG here.  "Hey, let's wake up early and go for a hike!"  Sounds like a great idea doesn't it?  Spending time with your significant other doing something wholesome like hiking around a picturesque landscape?'re a smoker though!  Oh, the existential dread of pushing yourself up that hill, breathing heavy, getting tired, and feeling miserable because you need to push yourself to keep up.

When you switch to vaping, however, your lungs are not working overtime.  They're functioning normally, optimally, even!

Your breathing is regulated, your stamina is on point, you can actually keep up!  We wouldn't doubt that after making the switch, you'd actually be excited to go on the hike and sprint up the hill!

And when the situation calls for it, and you need your nicotine fix, you don't need to stop moving to take a smoking break.  Simply pull out your device and keep on trucking along!

You Smell Better 

And no, we're not just talking about whether you put on deodorant today.  For the current smokers out there, how often has your significant other walked away because you stink from the cigarettes?  Or worse, you smoked one then tried to  mask the smell with a fragrance?  It's pretty common knowledge that when you smoke, YOU SMELL!

Kicking the habit of cigarettes doesn't just help the insides, but your outsides too!  You can actually put effort into your outer appearance and people's perception of you when you make the switch to be smoke-free!

If you are considering making the switch to vaping, BLVK's Premium E-Liquids are typically not tobacco flavors.  And for good reason too!

When kicking the habit of cigarettes, users tend to fare better by not associating with the overall odor that cigarettes deliver.  This is why some of our best-selling products are fruit flavors!

Just think about it, do you think your partner would walk away if you smelled like a sweet strawberry lemonade?  Or a mentholated cigarette?

You Have Regained Your Senses

For the gentlemen out there that received their dose of grilling because you failed to notice how much effort your partner put into their outer appearance, this one is for you.

When you smoke cigarettes, the nature of which the combustion, being that it's burning your mouth, tongue, nose, esophagus, and eventually your lungs, is that you lose your sense of both smell and taste.

Switching to vaping helps you regain your senses!  Remember, e-liquid is vaporized, not burned.  The act of vaping is inhaling vapor, not smoke.  Let your mouth and nose heal after years and years of smoking by switching to a more enjoyable method of nicotine delivery.

By switching to vaping, you can now smell that sweet Chanel perfume your partner is flaunting.  You can now taste that expensive dinner you ordered.  And most importantly, that kiss at the end of the night is met with smiles and butterflies, not looks of disgust because you still haven't kicked the habit of smoking.

Fact: You'll Live Longer

Regardless if you've been with your partner for years or just starting out, something that's always on your partner's mind is longevity.  The whole point of relationships, in our opinion, is to experience life with someone that makes you happy.  And what better way to ensure continued happiness than by being around to experience life for, well, the rest of your lives!

For every year that you continue down the path of cigarette smoking, you are shortening your life expectancy by as much as 10 years!  Do you think your partner would want to stick around as you intentionally shorten your life by that much?

Our bottom line is this: We want to provide you the means of taking care of yourself.  We want you to live a full life.  We want you to experience all that life has to offer for as long as it can.  And most importantly, we want you to be as healthy as possible.


While making the switch to vaping certainly has its benefits for both you and your partner, another way of showing some love is flaunting it for all to see!  Following suit with our [B] Mine Collection, we're dropping TWO new ones in the mix.


Okay, enough with the cheesy Valentine's Day Gifts and calling it a day.  Level up the cheese, break those bad habits, and give your significant other a gift that truly matters!  The BAD HABITS Crewneck is an ultra-soft and comfy sweater that's just asking to be stolen the next morning.

[B] Mine Sticker Pack ($3.99)

Remember the days of finding a tree and carving out your partner's initials with yours?  While those days of innocent, puppy love was great, opting for the [B] Mine Edition Sticker Pack instead allows you to: 1) not hurt trees and 2) eliminates the tree entirely!  Following suit with our traditional BLVK Sticker Packs, this 5-piece collection features two (2) B Mine Mascot Stickers for him and her, two (2) BLVK Glitch Stickers (small and large), and one (1) B Mine Heart Sticker.

Instead of opting for a traditional ask for someone to be your Valentine, you can choose the subtle option and spam them with cute stickers all over the place and wait patiently for them to notice!

Keep in mind, both the BAD HABITS Crewneck and the [B] Mine Sticker Pack are available for a LIMITED TIME only!  Between Monday, February 8th and February 15th, you'll be able to pick these up.  After the 15th, it will be gone.  F-O-R-E-V-E-R!  So don't sleep on this and worst of all, don't wait until the last moment and risk a pissed off partner because you slacked off on making Valentine's Day special.


Yep!  You are reading that correctly.  Between February 8th to the 15th, everything on our site is on SALE!  Save your money for the big date ahead but still get what you need courtesy of our Valentine's Day Sale.  Enter promo code: VDAY at checkout to save 30% off your order.

Thanks for reading our guide on how to put yourself into a better position for both your partner's and your sake.  Health is important, and so is your partner.  For those that are celebrating Valentine's Day with your significant other or riding solo, always remember that BLVK loves you.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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