The BLVK Pink Collection is Here!

The BLVK Pink Collection is Here!


When powerhouse girl group Blackpink debuted in 2016, the four ladies quickly captivated fans from around the globe and took the kpop scene by storm. Leaning into hip hop, trap, EDM, rap, and more, the girls pushed out viral bangers like “How You Like That” and most recently, “Ice Cream” in collaboration with Selena Gomez.

With such a widespread presence in the urban and pop culture world, we were inspired to launch the BLVK Pink collection. Not surprisingly, the collection was a major hit and we are stoked to share it with all of our lovely fans. 

Because of the popularity, we wanted to take some time to break down the process in coming up with the collection and share some of the thoughts and inspiration that took place behind the scenes. As much as vaping is very much “street culture,” there is a method to the madness and a lot of intentionality behind every step and every flavor that we release.  

The Inspiration

There’s no denying that pop culture and vaping culture go hand in hand and are intrinsically tied. Not only in terms of aesthetic, but the lifestyle and the personas. When we were cooking up the flavors for this Blackpink inspired collection, we wanted to really pay homage to the music industry and mainstream pop culture.

When you think of old school k-pop, groups like Girls Generation and 2NE1 may bring up visuals of bubblegum pink and the occasional prep aesthetic to mind, but the style and the “look” has since evolved. With artists like CL breaking away and creating the edgier, more hard core aesthetic that has become her signature style, the new generation of girl groups (which includes Blackpink) has taken on a more “street” and “urban” type of vibe that blends seamlessly into the vaping world.

The Look & Feel

When designing the branding for the BLVK Pink collection, our team wanted to capture the vibrancy and liveliness that is present in pop culture. In line with the vapor wave visual style, with bright colors that popped but didn’t feel “in your face” -- inviting, cool, but still muted. We imagined someone pulling out the e-liquid bottle at an underground show and having it match their entire aesthetic.

The result was a very intentionally designed collection, with accentuated neon tones on a dark backdrop, vibrant without being over the top. Following the trend of our usual designs, we wanted to create a set of bottles that would look cool on display but also be something you can pull out on whim and look chic. 

The Flavor & Foundation

The BLVK Pink collection consists of strawberry and ice as the base foundation of the flavor, drawing upon fruit tones and cool after tastes, with accents of other supporting fruits. We selected ice as one of the base flavors so each flavor has a chilling effect when you vape. The creative decision behind strawberry as the other base flavor is the associated happy emotions. 

We wanted to create a collection of flavors that captured the upbeat essence of pop culture. We asked ourselves what combination of flavor profiles will give you that sense of being free and living your best life, as if you were in a music video. And we settled on four flavor combinations that we thought would create the throwback to summer days, carefree weekends, and simple pleasures. 

The Collection of Flavors

When we think of what influenced this collection of flavors, we wanted to emphasize flavors that reminded our users of the fun vaping experience, flavors that really pop, and flavors that would bring a sense of satisfaction. The BLVK Pink collection consists of four distinct flavors, broken down below: 

Iced Berry Banana (Strawberry Banana Ice)

Think of the hot summer days as you blast your favorite jams, decked out in your ripped jeans and tank top, shades on, soaking up the sun. When you’re off to the mall, grabbing a smoothie in between a movie feature. This flavor says, hey--enjoy a smooth frozen banana hit mixed with notes of juicy ripe strawberries.

Iced Berry Kiwi (Strawberry Kiwi Ice)

For when you want a refreshing blast, sweet but not over the top, this flavor will be a reminder of those days when you have fresh fruit by the pool and your squad by your side. It is the perfect balance of sweet strawberries and tart kiwi slices ice cooled to perfection. When you can’t escape to a beach vacation with tropical cocktails, try this flavor for a change and you might feel as if you were relaxing somewhere else.

Iced Berry Lemonade (Strawberry Lemonade Ice)

It's truly summer in a bottle with this ice cold freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade blend. Music festivals and county fairs where frozen lemonade and refreshing drinks were the thing that kept you moving, this one is bound to be a favorite. An easy way to captivate the simplicity of your childhood and bring back happy memories from your youth.

Iced Berry Peach (Strawberry Peach Ice):

When you are sitting in the yard, watching the sunset after a long day or perhaps after a barbeque with friends and family, you can cool things off with this icy pairing of sweet strawberries, and juicy peaches. Inspired by the home made fruit concoctions that were sure to make an appearance during those summer breaks.


The Bottom Line

Whether you’re simply looking for a fresh batch of new flavors to try, or an avid fan of staying in the know of what is trending, the BLVK pink collection is one of our most popular collections to debut and a way to get a little bit of everything. Sleek branding, icy flavors, and an homage to pop culture, it won’t disappoint.

In this unique collection, we wanted to pay tribute to the positive aspects of hip hop and pop music culture. Media can be an expressive medium for many people and a way to showcase your individuality. Vaping culture shares a lot of those traits, giving people a sense of shared community and interest.

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