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VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes® is a manufacturer and retailer of electronic cigarettes and vaping accessories.  Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, the company serves as a strategic distribution network to the U.S., U.K., and Southeast Asia markets.  VOLCANO's primary focus is bringing the vaping industry leading products to market that follow and continuously deliver consumer demand.  With a proven track record of releasing quality products coupled with providing extraordinary customer service, VOLCANO's reputation is one that any customer can count on.

Volcano E-Cigs Staff Volcano E-Cigs Staff

Humble Beginnings

The spark that inevitably lit the fire for BLVK Unicorn was delivered in two main parts.  The first came as no surprise, our products are one of the best in the industry, strategically launching our respective juice lines when the industry needed them coupled with a massive social media presence that to this day, remains at the forefront of exceptional branding for vapers worldwide.  The next factor, was the affiliation between BLVK Unicorn and VOLCANO E-Cigs forged in the Spring of 2017.  Using VOLCANO's vast network spreading across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Southeast Asia, our name became a household brand as one of the leading e-liquid manufacturers the respective vaping community has seen.

Prior to the VOLCANO and BLVK Unicorn affiliaition, our presence in the vaping industry was decent.  Between the release of our original BLVK Unicorn collection the following WYTE Unicorn collection, we had managed to establish a commanding presence in the United States, Mexico, Malaysia, and China thanks to the combined efforts of distribution networks and carefully-curated campaigns aimed at reinforcing our brand identity to the community at-large.

Enter VOLCANO, what would eventually turn into a long and prosperous relationship started like any other new client-vendor relationship: negotiation.  By the time we had secured our first order, our sales team specifically recalls VOLCANO owner Josh Burnett as mentioning "...your flavors are good and the price is fair.  Let's try this out!"   Within two weeks, another order was placed and history was made.

Fast forward to present day, and we have once again expanded our presence, this time to the pacific islands such as Hawaii, Guam, and Japan, thanks mainly in part to VOLCANO's willingness to us as we grew to the major power-player we have become.  As a thank you to the continued relationship we had forged with VOLCANO, we even sponsored their vape event earlier this year and brought a true face behind our unstoppable branding.

For those that are looking to stock your shelves with the likes of our juice lines, be sure to reach out to VOLCANO E-Cigs to place an order!

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