Embrace the Changing of the Seasons with These 5 BLVK Unicorn Blends!

Embrace the Changing of the Seasons with These 5 BLVK Unicorn Blends!

While we can't speak for the areas outside of Los Angeles County, where BLVK Unicorn is based, we are fully embracing Autumn as the temperature drops, the overbearing Sun begins to emit less heat, and the nice sight of people starting to bundle up.  We're here to recommend you FIVE BLVK Unicorn e-liquid blends to cuddle up to during the changing of the seasons.

1. Cuban Tobacco (60ml Freebase / 30ml Nic Salt)

Tobacco Cuban Cigar E-liquid

This was a bit of a challenge for us as all three of our blends under the Tobacco Series all boast such great combinations of flavors.  We will however just highlight Cuban Tobacco.  Cuban Tobacco is our take on a classic Cuban Cigar.  The leafy and slightly scratchy texture coupled with just a hint of vanilla makes this timeless blend our #1 pick for embracing the fall!

2. CRMY Strawberry (100ml Chubby)

Who can deny the opportunity to vape 100ml of CRMY Strawberry shortcake goodness?  Imagine cuddling up on the couch with a blanket and binge watching the latest season of Shameless while vaping on a freshly baked, graham cracker-crusted, strawberry-laden shortcake that is then topped with a dollop of heavy cream.  If this blend doesn't scream warming up as the temperatures fall, we don't know what will.

3. UNIApple (60ml Freebase / 30ml Nic Salt)

Uniapple Unicorn E-liquid

Autumn is synonymous with a few things in life.  As children, we always walked into the first day of school with an apple on the teacher's desk.  As adults, it's the feeling of biting into a perfectly tart yet mildly sweet apple.  As smokers, it's UNIApple.  Imagine the feeling of embracing the tart elements of a Red Delicious simultaneously with sweet and sour notes of a Granny Smith.  Fall isn't ready for UNIApple; and isn't ready for you blowing through several bottles of it.

4. Milk Box Chocolate (60ml Freebase)

Who remembers knocking on a door and shouting "TRICK OR TREAT" at the top of your lungs?  The feeling of watching the endless mountains of chocolate fill your bucket and become heavier as the night went on.  As Halloween approaches in just a few weeks, why wait until that day to splurge on some chocolate?  With Milk Box Chocolate, you have access to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours any day of the week.  What are you waiting for?

5. UNINuts (60ml Freebase)

When it comes to bold dessert blends, our WYTE Bottles Collection would serve as the closest style of flavors for vapers world wide.  If we had to choose one of those e-liquid blends for the new season, we'd choose UNINuts.  A scoop of vanilla bean ice cream mixed-in with almonds and hazelnuts?  Yes please!  Bring that over and let's vape it together!

We hope that the new season is treating you as well as we've been enjoying it!  We also hope that you take our recommendations to heart and try out a few, if not, all of them.  Happy Fall!

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