Everything You Need to Know About Vaping

Everything You Need to Know About Vaping

Vaping is hands down, the better alternative to smoking cigarettes. If you're considering making the switch, we want to help you get the accurate facts, especially since special interest groups and lobbyists are hell-bent on hijacking the narrative for their own advantage. Let's cut through the BS and get the facts on vaping.


Just as there are a variety of cigarettes on the market for every taste and preference, there are also e-cigarettes for every preference - the taste is also customizable, but more on that later. It can be overwhelming to try and find the right e-cigarette for you, especially if you're feeling reluctant about switching anyways. Let's start by taking a look at the different types of e-cigarettes available and what makes each unique.

Closed System Disposables

A closed system disposable e-cigarette, such as the all-new Ello Plus, is the hottest way to get your nicotine fix while staying discreet. Unlike both open system pods that can be reused for a few times before needing to be replaced, disposables e-cigarettes consist of a rechargeable device and a pre-filled e-liquid reservoir contained within. Once the user finishes the e-liquid, they simply toss the entire device away and grab another.

One of the key advantages of closed system disposables is its simplicity. Users don't need to worry about replacing coils, picking up bottle after bottle of e-liquid, or keeping external batteries on them that constantly need to be charged. Similar to having your phone, a disposable vape charges via a USB-C cable, meaning as long as you have electricity, you have a functioning and relatively inexpensive e-cigarette at your disposable at the drop of a notice.

Another important aspect of closed system disposables is its consistent performance. Unlike refillable pods that rely on whatever e-liquid you put into it, the e-liquid filled in disposables are specifically designed to perform well in its hardware housing. This means that the flavor, vapor production, and nicotine delivery remain relatively consistent from the first puff to that final 6000th puff as offered in the Ello Plus. This predictability can be appealing for users who prefer a more hassle-free vaping experience without the need for maintenance or customization.

Closed Pod System E-Cigarettes

Prior to the explosive popularity behind disposables, the most popular way to vape was through closed pod system e-cigarettes such as JUUL. These devices consist of a battery component and a pre-filled pod of e-liquid. Once the e-liquid is finished and/or the coil burns out, users simply throw away the pod but not the device to continue use.

Similar to disposables, closed pod systems favor simplicity and ease of use. The e-liquid is pre-filled into these pods leaving users hassle-free in refilling or swapping out coils. The pre-filled pods come in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths, catering to different preferences and cravings. Another key feature of closed pod systems is its compact and portable design. Similar to disposable vapes, these devices are small enough to be carried in a pocket or bag. They often have an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in the hand, providing a discreet vaping option for one-the-go use. This convenience makes closed pod systems a popular choice for those who are making their first transition away from cigarettes as the affordability of pods is drastically less expensive than packs of the analogs.

Open Pod System E-Cigarettes

Open system pod e-cigarettes, also known as open pod systems, are a type of e-cigarette that provides users with a versatile and customizable vaping experience. Unlike disposables and closed pod system e-cigarettes, open pod systems allow users to fill their own pods with a variety of nicotine salt e-liquids. BLVK E-Liquid salt series such as SALT, SALT PLUS, ALOE, BLVK N' Yellow, BLVK Fusion, and BLVK Pink were designed specifically for use in open pod devices as its e-liquid ratios are less viscous for the coils contained in the pods. This flexibility enables vapers to choose from a wide range of flavors and nicotine strengths, tailoring their vaping experience and eventually step down process to their smoke-free journey.

One of the key features of open pod system e-cigarettes are the refillable pods. The pods can be easily filled with e-liquid allowing the user to experiment with different flavors, mix their blends, or switch between pods if desired. It also provides a more cost-effective option as users can buy a 30ML bottle of an e-liquid flavor for less than what you would spend on a disposable device.

The pods themselves often feature adjustable airflow settings, allowing users to fine-tune their experience. The adjustable airflow controls the amount of air entering the device during inhalation, influencing the vapor production and the tightness of the pull. A good rule of thumb is if there is more air entering in, you are pushing the device to produce more vapor at the expense of flavor.

Tank & Mod System E-Cigarettes

If nicotine salt e-liquids were for pod system vaping, the tank & mod e-cigarette setup would be for the classic freebase e-liquid formulation. The tank & mod system of vaping has historically been the popular choice among vaping enthusiasts. With virtually every element being customizable from the device and its power settings to the tank and its adjustable airflow and coil build, to finally the e-liquid contained within, vaping with this much freedom to customize is almost exclusively for the vaping hobbyist that exists in the world. The hardware is specifically engineered to handle higher wattages and hotter temperatures to deliver a higher volume of vapor without sacrificing flavor. Depending on the tank, users can enjoy adjustable airflow, larger e-liquid capacities, and sub-ohm coil options to deliver that fine-tuned vaping experience.

Due to the potential for sub-ohm vaping, the e-liquid associated with this type of vaping is called freebase e-liquid where the VG/PG ratio skews heavily towards VG and the nicotine concentration averages between 3MG and 6MG. Unlike the nicotine salt variety of e-liquid where there is drastically more nicotine to deliver a pleasurable hit, the heat potential from the tank & mod setup allows users to experience less nicotine from their e-liquid.

Similar to nicotine salts, the product variety of freebase e-liquids are virtually limitless. Just looking at the BLVK E-Liquid freebase collections such as BLVK, WYTE, FRZN, TBCO, and Hundreds, users quite literally have an endless supply of different flavor combinations to choose - from the simplest of flavors to the most complex.

It is worth noting, however, with the sheer amount of customizability of the tank & mod system, the amount of maintenance is substantial compared to the other options. Depending on the device, a user would either need to charge the internal battery or keep a couple sets of external batteries to keep things going. Coils would need to be rebuilt and/or replaced in the tanks and parts of the tank would need to be replaced periodically to ensure consistent use. Again, due to the nature of these devices, vaping enthusiasts simply accept this level of maintenance as part of the program.

Where do you stand on vaping? Given all that you've learned about the different ways to enjoy, which is your preferred method?

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