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Hello our majesties – BLVK Unicorn staff is forever grateful for your support over the years and for helping us achieve our quality reputation on the e-liquid market. We know you unicorns are always out there representing and sharing knowledge among your vaping friends, but as you know – BLVK Unicorn always strives to be the best and we want to make sure our amazing customers are always giving it their best as well!

How often do you find yourself in a conversation about vaping when you are puffing those magic clouds in public? Probably more often than you consider. Whether you are among friends, hanging out at your local brewery, or spending a day on the beach – if you are blowing out that deliciously scented BLVK Unicorn vape juice, chances are you will get a curious passer bye with some questions.  

As naturally as it comes, you might not realize that you are out there being a brand ambassador for your favorite companies! From high quality vape juice, to stylish accessories, BLVK Unicorn wants to make sure you are always hooked up, so we are going to give you a few tips on how to take this ambassadorship to the next level.

First, you always want to consider your audience. You never want to come off as pushy when it comes to discussing tobacco products with nonsmokers. A simple conversation starter about the scent of your vape juice or color of the e-liquid can be a great way to break the ice. Once you have their attention, it is always helpful to be aware of what your chosen product contains. Some of you may have nicotine in your e-cigs, so make sure to be transparent about all ingredients when you are opening someone else’s eyes to a new world.

If you are more than just the casual brand hype person and are actually interested in making this a side gig for your favorite company – be sure to bring out some samples to the playing fields! Whether it is a coupon, an e-liquid sample, smoking device, or tip, it goes a long way when you have a physical item to discuss.

You can always go ahead and share your personal stash, if you are comfortable. A few key things to keep in mind, remember – you are just trying to share your hobby and educate someone on something they might have been wondering about, but too afraid to ask or did not know where to get information. With a positive attitude, personal experience, and pointers for newbies, you could be finding yourself with a whole new crowd of like-minded individuals, bonding over something you introduced them to!

Want to become part of the BLVK Unicorn Team?

If you already are out there following these simple tips, we encourage you to spread those wings and become an official ambassador for BLVK Unicorn! The vape community is thriving and so can you. Check out our sponsorship form to find out more about joining our team, getting involved, and helping share the magic that is BLVK Unicorn!

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