Meet the BLVK Bar - Our 20,000 Puff Disposable

Meet the BLVK Bar - Our 20,000 Puff Disposable

The time has come! On behalf of BLVK E-Liquid, a powerhouse e-liquid & disposable vape device manufacturer for the better part of eight years, we are proud to present the newest way to vape with the BLVK Bar, the world's first ever 20,000 puff disposable device.


In a nutshell, the BLVK Bar embraces the benefits of disposable e-cigarettes. It's an all-in-one device containing a generous e-liquid reservoir, variable voltage power modes reminiscent of old school vape batteries, proprietary NIO-X Dual Coil Technology that vaporizes e-liquids to the optimal temperature all while preserving the life of the coil for longer, continuous vaping, and a recharge time that outperforms virtually every other device in the market.


The team at BLVK E-Liquid has spent nearly two years studying the market, vapers preferences, and the benefits & drawbacks of other disposable devices to not only meet the demands of the industry, but quite literally, raise the bar on what users should expect from a top-tier company. Let's take a deeper dive and learn everything there is to know about the all-new BLVK Bar.

  1. The Deep Dive on the Hardware

    A Big Boy for Big Vapers

    First and foremost, let's get the elephant in the room addressed. The BLVK Bar is not a tiny device. Unlike other disposables in the market, the device is big and bulky, specifically designed to meet the expectations of the most serious users.


    From the base to the mouthpiece, the BLVK Bar stands at 4 inches tall. And from side to side, the device spans a little under two inches. This is a big boy! But while the device itself is large, there is a reason why we made it such. The larger device helps to support the physical size of the e-liquid tank reservoir which stands at a whopping 22ML. Think about it, 22ML helps to guarantee 20,000 puffs. You'd physically need more space to earn these statistics.


    Despite the BLVK Bar being larger than most, it is still an incredibly comfortable device to hold. The body is complete with a soft touch finish, making the BLVK Bar just as easy to hold as it is to vape; which leads to the next point - the coil system.


    NIO-X Dual Coil Technology Powers Intelligent Variable Voltage

    The BLVK Bar features the NIO-X Dual Coil, a proprietary coil system made from a kanthal alloy and a lower, sub-ohm resistance at 0.8Ω. Both the design of the coil and the lower resistance allows users to truly push the limits of their device as the various power modes are modified between LOW, NORMAL, and MAX.


    At the LOW setting, the NIO-X Dual Coils are pushing 15 volts that fire in succession, meaning one fires then the next. This means that the likelihood of burning either the wick or the coil is slim-to-none; giving users the ultimate flavor-filled experience.


    At NORMAL settings, both coils fire simultaneously at 15 volts, again in a controlled way as to not burn out the coils or wick for a consistent and even vaporization. This lends a hand at being able to deliver more complex e-liquid flavors with both overtones and undertones - more on e-liquid flavors later.


    Then finally with the MAX setting, the BLVK Bar is the first ever disposable device to offer not two, but THREE power settings. Pushing 20 volts, the higher temperatures lead to more vapor production but NOT at the expense of experiencing flavor complexities or sacrificing the coils longevity. To be able to successfully achieve three distinct power modes really speaks volumes to the Product R&D department's meticulous dedication to redefining the user experience. 


    The Effortless Outperformance of the Battery & Recharging Technology

    While disposable devices have been in the market for a number of years, the recharging function hasn't changed since being introduced. Some may allow passthrough charging, while others do not. And depending on the device, the recharge time might take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Speaking from the perspective of an avid disposable user, not having access to my device for any amount of time is unacceptable. This is why the BLVK Bar's battery and recharging function is the talk of the town.


    The BLVK Bar's battery boasts an incredible industry-leading 800mAh lithium ion battery. This high capacity and high performance battery gives users the extra current we all crave as we push the limits of our vaping. For all our car gearheads out there, think of this as torque versus horsepower. The BLVK Bar boasts increased torque, giving you instant power upfront so you can vape the way you want to for the long haul. And how does this play out in average lifespan per charge? Pretty phenomenally. Off a single charge, the BLVK Bar lasts between 1.5 days for heavy users to 3 days for casual ones. No other device can guarantee that much power.


    Regarding the longevity of our industry-leading high capacity battery, the recharging function is definitely something to write home about. From a completely dead battery, the BLVK Bar can achieve a 50% charge just shy of 25 minutes. And from dead to 80% in about 40 minutes. Zero to 100% in less than 50 minutes. Say bye bye to hours going by without your device. This outperforms even the most popular devices in the market, both disposable and open system. Think of the BLVK Bar as the Tesla of disposable devices. Intelligent, forward-thinking design that favors the user experience above all else.


    Anti-Flavor Burning Protection During the Charging Process

    A little-known fact about disposable devices - the coils fire during the recharging process. And if companies cut corners during the quality assurance process, as so many do, the continuous firing burns e-liquids, wicks, and of course, the coils once the user picks up the device to hit. The result is a hot piece of disgust that lingers for the life of the device. The BLVK Bar addresses this in a simple but effective way - an anti-flavor burning element that heats up the coils during the recharging process and cools down the coils once the recharging cable is disconnected.


    We understand that this simple solution is nothing to write home about, but it's that extra mile that really makes the BLVK Bar stand out from the rest. Again, doubling down on the user experience.


    Full-Height LED Screen with the Most Pertinent Info

    While the BLVK Bar isn't the first disposable device to feature an LED screen, we definitely raised the bar on the information present on it. Standing at 2.25 inches tall and 0.75 inches wide, the LED screen is complete with your selected variable voltage power mode, the remaining e-liquid in the tank, and your battery life. This simple, yet effective display mode delivers information you need, without all the unnecessary fluff that you'd normally find on a screen.


    Rotary Adjustable Airflow Control

    Here's arguably the most annoying thing about disposable devices: the airflow control is a switch. Unless you grow out your nails, moving a tiny switch is annoying. The BLVK Bar takes a different approach to airflow control. Similar to how cars can adjust the airflow of an air conditioner,  you turn the rotary dial to open or close the amount of air into the device.


    On top of running a dial, we also gave you MORE of an airflow control. After all, if you're running Normal or MAX modes, the increased heat needs to tempered somehow, right?

    Fifteen Flavors to Level Up Your Experience


    As the flavor masters we are, BLVK E-Liquid as a whole has formulated well over 5000 unique flavors all based on the individual albeit, somewhat chaotic taste preferences your typical user would experience. Whether you live in the United States, Asia, Brazil, the Middle East, or even New Zealand, everybody's taste palettes are different and can change at a moment's notice. So we took that thinking and formulated fifteen e-liquid blends to be in the BLVK Bar. Let's dive in and fall in love with them all over again.



    Indulge in the robust essence of timeless American tobacco. A blend that embodies the distinct, full-bodied richness finished with an icy chill.



    Savor the delightful pairing of sweet, frozen apples and icy grapes. A perfect fusion burst of fruit & chilled goodness with every puff.



    A vibrant burst of iced out, sweet and tangy blue raspberries transform your vaping into a vivid and irresistible experience.



    A cool blend that delivers a crisp burst of spearmint freshness finished with an invigorating frosty sheen.



    Fizzy bubbles complement the bold, purple grape flavor complete with a chilly, iced kick for a thirst-quenching bout of euphoria.



    Zesty, fruity, and icy grapefruit overtones fuse with a light blueberry undertone to deliver an exhilarating vaping experience.



    A succulent burst of sun-kissed mango chunks paired with an intense winter chill deliver a noteworthy tropical getaway experience.



    Embrace the vibrant fusion of crisp kiwi, luscious dragon fruit, and a heavy-handed helping or arctic cool for a refreshing and exotic delight.



    Experience a burst of citrusy delight and tantalize your taste buds with the vibrant fusion of zesty oranges, tangy kiwi and a cool, frozen over breeze.



    Elevate your senses with the likes of juicy passionfruit, succulent peach, and an intense icy breeze. It's surely a tropical symphony of sweet & exotic joy time and again.



    Plump & bright Georgia peaches finished with a cool and icy sheen are infused into chewy gummies to deliver summer sweet vibes with every puff.



    Experience the balancing harmony that combines a generous helping of ice with a sweet medley of peach, lychee, and mango.



    Velvety cream infused with the sweetness of ripe strawberries frozen to perfection delivers a heavenly treat for your taste buds.



    An electrifying blend of ice and crisp green apple chunks smothered in a sweet & sour sugary goodness.



    Frozen watermelon chunks bursting with chilled sweetness are infused into ultra-yummy gummy candy, perfect for the summertime shine.


    Ready to Raise the Bar?


    The BLVK Bar is the latest and greatest BLVK E-Liquid has ever put out into the world. The team has spent over two years honing in on not just what works, but to fix the issues that don't. This disposable is sure to redefine the meaning of premium vaping. All this said, are you ready to join us as we raise the bar?


    The BLVK Bar is available worldwide. Shop now and check the ProVape online shop for your favorite BLVK Bar flavor. Nicotine concentration and flavors are subject to local availability and regulations. If you are a shop owner or distributor and are interested in our device, please reach out below.


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