Our New BLVK Flavorless Series: A Quick Reset

Our New BLVK Flavorless Series: A Quick Reset

zero never looked so good.

Zero. Nada. Nothing. Sometimes, it means a new beginning. With BLVK Zero, your palette is cleansed and your mind is reset. That's because it's made to be mixed with any e-liquid you can imagine. Strawberry? Pineapple-Mango? Chocolate? 

It's all fair game when you need a little reset. Whether it's from work, school, or life in general, it's sometimes necessary to stop and take a moment to refresh your mind. With the BLVK Flavorless series, you can do just that. Designed to deliver a more DIY approach to e-liquid vaping, you can vape Zero with mango, or Subzero with mint. 

Sounds cool, right? 

introducing the blvk flavorless series: zero, subzero & nicotine shots

Whether it's boredom of the same set of flavors on rotation, or the ever-restrictive taxes designed to price you out, or just a flat-out ban on eliquids, let's face it: it is getting harder and harder vape. So we took a new approach to our premium e-liquids. Introducing, the BLVK Zero and Subzero collections.

The Zero and Subzero collections are designed to vape without flavor. effectively, to cleanse your palette in between your regular rotation of favorite flavors while still delivering that nicotine buzz we've come to rely on.

Zero is exactly that.  Zero flavor, all the nicotine. Exactly what you need in a premium vaping experience without the flavor.

And if you're looking to chill, our Subzero blend is the same exact formula but with an added level of menthol for that icy kick we all know and love.

Both the Zero and Subzero series are available in both Freebase and Salt versions, with Freebase being a 100ml bottle available in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG; and Salt as a 30ml  bottle in 25MG, 35MG, and 50MG.   


Nicotine shots are just one component of your vaping experience. In order to comply with new California flavor-ban law, BLVK offers options to mix and match any flavor profile you can imagine. 

You can add any juice you want to BLVK. Using Zero, Subzero, or our nicotine shots, you will get a full-flavor experience with the nicotine rush you expect from BLVK.

The BLVK Nicotine shot is available in a 30ml bottle, in 25mg, 35mg, and 50mg. 


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