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Pro Vaping Techniques: Keep Your Coils Burning Longer

Pro Vaping Techniques: Keep Your Coils Burning Longer

The BLVK blog has been working hard over the last few months to bring you quality content surrounding all things vape. We’ve taught you about device maintenance, regulations, ways to spice up your vape game, and everything in between.

Here at BLVK Unicorn, our main mission is to deliver premium e-liquid and make sure that our customers are always getting the most out of our products. We tune into the less looked at parts of our favorite hobby and find a way to improve the quality of our experience from the core.

While there are many different devices and styles, one thing they all have in common is the coil system. Let’s face it, burnt coils are the bongwater of the vape world - the taste is awful. But aside from the horrid aftertaste of a burnt-out coil, comes the responsibility of replacing it. We know this can be both frustrating and time consuming, so BLVK Unicorn is here to share our pro tips to extend the life of your coils.

The wick and the coil work in tandem to heat your premium BLVK Unicorn e-liquid, you need to care equally for your wick to ensure the proper functionality of your coil. That’s why the number one tip we have for our vape fam: PRIME YOUR WICK! This is an easy step that could really change the whole outcome of your coil life. So slow down, take a few extra minutes, and carry on with your chosen priming method.

Another seemingly obvious but skipped step when it comes to your device is taking the time to break in the coils. The best way to do this is to start by gradually increasing the temperature of your device. Don’t just fire it up to your chosen speed at first puff, this will allow time for your coil to adapt to the temperature. It is important that you monitor the level of your premium BLVK Unicorn e-liquid when focusing on your coil life. This seems to be one of the easier techniques to manage, as vapor are persistent with keeping their tanks full. With a full tank comes the desire for full lungs but take it easy and be conscious of how quickly you are blowing out those billows. By continuously vaping your tank until its dry, you won’t allow enough time for the wicks to re-moisten between puffs, causing a chain reaction that could quicker the burn process.

BLVK Unicorn always reminds its users to be mindful, and this same piece of advice goes for all aspects of vaping. Wicks can burn up fast due to increased temperature, so by lowering your chosen vape temp but a few degrees, you can ultimately extend the life of your wicks and coils! A little lower of a temperature also allows you to get the best flavor profile of your premium BLVK Unicorn e-liquid every time! A little extra care goes a long way when it comes to your device and we hope these tips will be helpful!

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