Ride the Disposable E-Cig Wave!

Ride the Disposable E-Cig Wave!

What's with the #HYPE on Disposable Ecigs?

So you’ve been seeing disposable vapes gain popularity and you’re looking into it as an alternative for smoking. You’re not sure if you want to make the jump just yet. This is where we come in to play. For anyone who is new to the world of vaping, or on the fence about investing in a vape kit, disposable vapes are an easy way to get introduced to vaping. Compared to vape kits and other rechargeable or refillable devices, disposable e-cigarettes don’t have a learning curve. Although refillable vapes are not difficult to assemble, there is still initial effort required.

If you haven’t jumped on the e-cig wave yet, here are our TOP 5 reasons why you should make the move:  

1: Beginner-Friendly Devices

One of the biggest barriers into joining the world of vaping is the fact that there is some level of learning that is required for traditional vapes. This is a huge benefit of disposable e-cigarettes. They are ready-to-vape immediately out of the box, without even needing to press any buttons. This makes disposable ecig devices the perfect device for newbies and beginners, since there is quite literally nothing needed in order to get started. Once you open the box and take the e-cig out, you are ready to go.

In fact, most disposable e-cigs even have indicators that tell you when you have “inhaled” enough. After you inhale, most will light up to notify you that you can let it go from your lips. And when the e-cig is out of juice, dispose of it responsibly and try a new flavor. This simplicity makes it a great option all in all for anyone who is considering vaping. 

This makes disposable ecig devices the perfect device for newbies and beginners, since there is quite literally nothing needed in order to get started.

2: Ease of Use

When you think about maintenance of a standard vape, you have to take into account the refilling, charging the battery, and taking good care of it overall. And because a good vape will not be cheap, it can feel like a lot to maintain. For example, you’d have to avoid accidentally dropping it or getting it wet. While there are some benefits to owning a refillable, rechargeable vape, there is no denying that disposable e-cigs are simply more convenient.

Not only are they beginner friendly, the ease of use is simply not comparable to other vapes. As we mentioned, most disposable e-cigs don’t even have buttons. This means there’s no need to worry about accidentally pressing something. Simply inhale, that’s how easy it is to use.  

3: Price Point

If you are not sure about vaping or whether it is something that is “for you,” investing into all of the items needed for a vaping starter kit can feel like a very big commitment. Not only are you spending money on a refillable, rechargeable device, you also have to assemble and get juices to begin. Yes, it is not something that is horribly complicated, but there is still effort involved. Not to mention, you don’t have a chance to explore with as many flavors or different juices.

On the other hand, disposable e-cigs have a large advantage in this area. They are completely cost friendly and very affordable. And for beginners, this is a great introduction without a large upfront investment.

4: Size & Portability

Let’s be honest. As much as it is cool to carry around a mod rig or any rechargeable vape, it can also be a bit clunky. Especially if it is one that is on the bigger side. Unless you are using it around the clock, some of the refillable vapes can be pretty difficult to fit into pockets which leave users carrying them around in their hands. And that’s not very convenient, especially if you are out and about somewhere. Having to keep track of a standard vape can make it easy to lose as well. And that’s not to mention that if they do fit in your pocket, you run the risk of accidentally pressing a button here or there, which is also a pain.

With disposable e-cigs, convenience is a really nice perk that comes with it. Because the disposable vape pens are so petite and small, they are very portable and easy to travel with. They are roughly the size of a pen, making it lowkey as well, for anyone that does not want to draw attention to themselves while vaping. Refillable vapes can stick out like a sore thumb. E-cigs on the other hand, can easily be carried around in your pocket, purse, or anything.

5: Quit Smoking

Lastly, one of the biggest reasons why disposable e-cigs are something to look into, is because they're a great way to start on your smoke-free journey. One of the primary reasons that individuals turn to e-cigs and vapes to begin with is to wean themselves off of cigarettes and to quit smoking overall. Disposable e-cigs can really be a huge help in this area. On top of the ease of use, attractive price point, and portability, it can be a huge help in tackling withdrawal symptoms from habitual smokers.

For a small investment, this is a great way to begin the journey to kicking the smoking habit for good. Since there are so many variations of disposable e-cigs out there, there is the option of slowly tapering down the amount of nicotine which can make the transition a lot easier for anyone going through heavy withdrawal (as opposed to going cold turkey all at once).

Where to get started

So now that there is a solid understanding of all the benefits and advantages of disposable e-cigs in comparison to other vapes, where does one begin to look? BLVK has a UNICIIG collection in 10 unique flavors, all of which contain 5.0% nicotine by volume. Whether you are a newbie looking to begin vaping or a smoker looking to quit the habit, there is a flavor that will cater to you.

Take for example, our Cuban Cigar flavor. If vaping with fruity flavors is too far a cry from the normal cigarette taste that you are accustomed to, this would be a great flavor to start with as it contains notes of a cuban cigar flavor to give that refined tobacco blend.


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