Stay Cool this Summer

Stay Cool this Summer

#SummerVibes with BLVK Unicorn

Somehow, in the blink of an eye, we are in the middle of August and Summer is in full swing. The sun is blaring and that summer heat wave is making its presence known loud and clear. With social distancing and stay at home orders still in place, the majority of individuals are relaxing at home or embarking on staycations.

Given the limited beach access, the inability to travel, the lack of the typical pool parties, it can feel like your options are very limited for staying cool! And that can make for a dull (and frustrating) summer. Not fun, considering some of the high temperatures that we’re hitting, all over the country.  

Whether you are staying at home in a beach accessible region, a humid and dry part of the country, or moving around from place to place, there’s no denying this is a unique summer for everyone, all around. Here are 3 tips and suggestions for how you can stay cool and entertained this summer. 

1: Vape Some Icy Cool Flavors

For anyone that vapes, a huge perk is the convenience of being able to bring your vape anywhere and everywhere. If you’re feeling particularly uninspired, we love saving the icy cool flavors for a hot day, where the cooling factor adds that extra little kick to maximize enjoyment. The best part is that this is an easy hack that can be combined with any activity you choose.

What to Vape

We have two of our all time favorite collections that are perfect for summer vaping. Our FRZN Unicorn (Menthols) collection is delicious and comes in 6 different flavors, including lychee, pineapple, mint, strawberry, double apple and mango. Each flavor contains a menthol chilling effect that you will love under the summer heat.


Our Salt Plus (Iced) Collection is another great choice for summer vaping as well. Also coming in 6 different flavors which include grape, watermelon, red orange, banana, pineapple, and sour apple, every juice also has a cool, icy finish that leaves you with a refreshing after taste.  

Where to Vape

If you’re one of the lucky individuals who are working from home and has the flexibility to be remote for your job, why not pick a different location to work from? Whether that is heading to the desert for a week, or finding a patio (socially distanced, of course), take advantage of the remote work and kick back in a different spot. Bring your favorite device(s) with you and a couple bottles of your favorite e-liquid, and you are set to elevate the summer work days.

Alternatively, if you are caught up during the week, plan a hike, a beach day, or even a picnic. Whether it’s mid morning or early afternoon, the sun will be blazing overhead which is the perfect time to bust out your menthol-cooled or icy e-liquid. Something about being active and sweaty, paired with the refreshing flavors in a vape just hits a bit different. That’s the way to do it. 

Whether it’s mid morning or early afternoon, the sun will be blazing overhead which is the perfect time to bust out your menthol-cooled or icy e-liquid.

2: Suns Out, Shades Out

As much as this is not so much a tip, but common sense, it needs to be said--sunglasses and shades should not be neglected this summer. We all love the sun as much as the next person, but let’s not forget that it is a literal force of nature and the UV rays are extremely harmful for your eyes! Fashion or function, make sure that the shades you wear are polarized so they can protect you.

When It’s Needed

Depending on the activity or the time of day, you may be more susceptible to the harmful UV rays from the sun. As a rule of thumb, if you find yourself having to squint or cover your face in order to see, take out those sunglasses! If you are driving and it is too bright, that can be a dangerous situation.

Midday is usually when the sun is the brightest and the hottest. However, even if it feels cooler, prolonged exposure to the sun even if it is not high noon can also be damaging. If you are doing an extended hike or a beach day, even if it is mid afternoon and you can see perfectly fine, we’d still recommend keeping those sunglasses on. You’ll definitely thank yourself in the future for taking precautions now! 

3: Protect your Head, Wear a Hat

Once again, the sun is a force of nature and you are exposing yourself each time you venture out without coverage. Shades are great for protecting your eyes, but our team is a big fan of hats and headgear for adding that extra layer of protection. That’s not to say hats have to be a burden. It can also be a staple piece for your aesthetic or your outfit. For inspiration, check out our new Summer 2020 Collection which features 3 stylish snapbacks and 6 dad hat designs.

Couple Beside Swimming Pool


What to Do

If you’ve got the ensemble figured out and still pressed for ideas on where to show it off, double down and pack some additional accessories for good ol’ fun in the sun. Our new collection also includes a themed frisbee, beach ball, and beach towel. Throw in some sunscreen and you’ve got yourself a fool proof recipe for a classic summer beach or pool day. 


One of the easiest and fastest ways to stay cool is to dip your feet in some water or submerge yourself fully. It is a little tricky to navigate the beaches under the current circumstances, so if you are particularly concerned, we recommend an old fashioned pool day.    

Where to Go  

If you’re in a larger city, it might be more difficult to find a pool or waterfront. This is where it might make sense to rent a mini staycation nearby. Vacation rentals have new practices in place that ensure cleanliness and thorough sanitation for guests. Finding a house with a hot tub and a pool for the weekend is surprisingly less expensive than you might think! Have an entire place to yourself and your socially distanced friends to avoid strangers and make a weekend of it! 

The Bottom Line

The summer heat is both a stimulant and a key variable to that feeling of being lazy. With the global pandemic happening, options for events, trips, and activities are limited. To make the most out of the season, you might have to get a bit creative. Regardless, whether you end up lounging by a pool, embarking on an ambitious hike, planning a beach or desert day, it’s still important to stay cool and stay safe! And while you’re at it, vape some cool flavors, rock some dope shades, throw in some BLVK Unicorn swag in the mix, and you're ready to take on the summer!

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