Stock Up and SAVE This Labor Day Weekend with BLVK Unicorn!

Stock Up and SAVE This Labor Day Weekend with BLVK Unicorn!

We'll keep this short and simple.  In celebration of our National holiday for NOT working, we're here with a pretty sick sale to keep you stocked this Labor Day weekend!  Take 30% off your next order, SITE-WIDE, using promo code: LABORDAY.  Be wise however, the code only works once per customer and it expires on Tuesday, September 4th at 2pm.

We get it, BLVK Unicorn has a million-and-one products....well, not really, but you get the point.  So we've taken the liberty of interviewing a few of our Unicorns at BLVK HQ and have prepared a list of recommendations for the holiday weekend.  Let's get to it!

CRMY Strawberry

It is one of our latest releases after all, who would turn down 100ml of creamy strawberry shortcake goodness?  You can grab it here.

Cuban Cigar Nicotine Salt

Also one of our latest releases, the Cuban Cigar nicotine salt is a prime example of reliving the hey-day of smoking.  Have you tried it yet?  If not, grab it here!

Apple Nicotine Salt

Hands down, one of the BEST e-liquids in our arsenal.  Especially as a nicotine salt, this hard-hitting, mouthwatering bottle of e-liquid goes fast.  Stock up on it this weekend here.

Majestic As FVCK T-Shirt

The original tagline.  We also encourage everyone to be Majestic As FVCK.  Have you achieved that status yet?  If not, scoop yourself a shirt and make it so!

Majestic As FVCK Snapback

This is the reason why things are considered to be timeless.  This snap back was one of the first iterations to showcase our brand.  Make a statement and scoop yourself up the Majestic As FVCK snap back here.

Emblem Logo T-Shirt

Despite the changing of the seasons, what better way to style up than showcasing your love for BLVK Unicorn?  Our Emblem Logo tee released as part of the 2018 Summer Collection is a surefire way in stylizing your wardrobe.  Grab it here.

The BLVK Box T-Shirt

Our mantra has always been about keeping it real.  Let that serve as a reminder to yourself and your loved ones all-the-same.  Show your loyalty here.

So we went around to one person in each department - Sales, Marketing, Operations, Creative, Logistics, Production, and even the CEO to bring you this list of our BLVK favorites.  We hope you enjoy your Labor Day Weekend by stocking up and saving on our amazing collections.  In either case, Happy Labor Day!

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