Introducing the BLVK N' Yellow Collection as Tobacco-Free Nicotine!

Introducing the BLVK N' Yellow Collection as Tobacco-Free Nicotine!


It's been a while since we've launched a new collection - 374 days to be exact.  374 days ago, we dropped the BLVK Pink collection, which paid homage to all the strawberry lovers out there.  A little over a year later, we're back and better than ever with our all-new BLVK N' Yellow Collection.

Made by mango lovers for mango lovers, the BLVK N' Yellow Collection features four delectable mango infused flavors that continue to push the envelope of premium e-liquid vaping.

On top of that, the entire collection is available as Tobacco-Free Nicotine, relatively free from the clutches of the FDA while still giving you what you really want out of an e-cig: the kick!


Tobacco-Free Nicotine is not a new concept.  In fact, a good amount of e-liquid brands back in the hey-day of vaping possessed TFN-based nicotine, albeit, it wasn't as popular as traditional USP nicotine, it was circulating around nonetheless.  Tobacco-Free Nicotine contains nicotine but is not derived from tobacco.

Similar to traditional nicotine, Tobacco-Free Nicotine doesn't have a taste or smell, which only accentuates the flavoring brands like BLVK put into building complex flavor profiles.  Complex flavor profiles like the all-new BLVK N' Yellow collection that you'll meet now.


Similar to the BLVK Pink Collection which highlights strawberries blended with new and familiar flavors, the BLVK N' Yellow Collection infuses mango into a handful of new and familiar flavor combinations to effectively level up the mango game.  Mango as a flavor earned its spot as one of the world's most popular choices for vapers for a number of years; and with the all-new BLVK N' Yellow Collection, the love only grows!


Mango Banana Ice is a tropical escape filled with sweet mangoes and fresh, ripe bananas.

Mangoes and bananas are long known as a tropical match made in heaven.  The pungent and buttery flavor consistency of the mango coupled with the vanilla, rum, and honey-like undertones of the banana make this complex flavor profile one to remember.

Let's also not forget the inclusion of a healthy helping of menthol to tie everything together seamlessly too!

Available in 30ML bottles

Available in 35MG & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


It's almost as if BLVK Pink and BLVK N' Yellow got married and conceived Mango Strawberry Ice as their child!

Mango Strawberry Ice is a sweet explosion of juicy mangos mixed with your favorite bunch of sun-ripened strawberries.

Mangoes and strawberries are another popular flavor combination; finding most of its popularity as ingredients in smoothies.  The tang and citrus bite usually found in mango compliments the crisp and slightly sweet zest in the strawberries.

Take all that and add a generous amount of mentholated ice to it and you've found a way to prolong Summer all year long!

Available in 30ML bottles

Available in 35MG & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


Here's a new combo for you: Mango Grape Apple Ice!

Fresh mango slices blended with sweet plump grapes and crisp apples.

Up until now, the BLVK N' Yellow Collection takes mango and another fruit and combines it with a good amount of menthol to deliver an exceptional vaping experience.  Under this concept, less is more.  Then again, more is also more!

Just imagine, sliced mangoes possessing all the greatness you'd expect from taking the time to slice the fruit up and using that to compliment the sweet and tart combo that both apple and grape provide.  It's a chef's kiss waiting to happen each and every time you take a puff!

Available in 30ML bottles

Available in 35MG & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


Nothing screams a tropical getaway more than Mango Passion Ice.  Seeing that passionfruit was largely never touched by the BLVK team, we're super excited about finally nailing this down just in time for BLVK N' Yellow's arrival.

Mango Passion Ice is an exotic blend of juicy mango chunks with a  tangy passionfruit kick.

Mango chunks, as unevenly chopped as you can possibly imagine still holds a tasty profile amidst its mess.  You're tasting notes ranging from a tropical floral taste to something a little more citrusy and tart.  Take all that and add the all-too-familiar burst of flavor from a passionfruit and you've got yourself one delicious flavor at hand!

Available in 30ML bottles

Available in 35MG & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


Now we can go on and on about how stoked we are to release our first collection in over a year.  Then again,  we're also now the loudest company to exist in the industry.  We'd rather let the e-liquids speak for themselves.  So next time you find yourself wanting something different, delicious, and most of all, upholds the reputation you'd expect from an award-winning e-liquid company such as BLVK, consider giving BLVK N' Yellow a try.

Then we can continue to rave about our new collection with you!  Have fun and happy vaping!

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