The Wait is Over: Say Ello to the Ello Plus

The Wait is Over: Say Ello to the Ello Plus

After nearly two years of planning, researching, testing, and getting the support we needed from our distribution partners around the globe, we are finally ready to announce the news: the Ello Plus Closed System Disposable Device is out now. Standing at 6000 puffs, a mesh coil for that perfect flavor to vapor production, a USB-C universal recharging port, and TWELVE new and unique flavors to spice things up, BLVK E-Liquid is back with a vengeance and ready to take on the world.

Question is - will you be joining us?


The Ello Plus is a sleeker, slimmer, but ergonomic and robust design. Made to be your all-day vape, adult smokers across the globe can now achieve a pleasurable and satisfying nicotine experience all day long. And unlike the Original 2500 Puff Ello Disposables, the Ello Plus rendition features a higher puff count and a rechargeable USB-C port, allowing you to vape and enjoy on your time, not on the life of the device.

Oh, and did we mention the Ello Plus Series boasts an incredible twelve unique complex flavors? Spanning from Fruit & Menthol blends BLVK E-Liquid is known for, to expanding the tobacco and dessert lines, the brand is in an even-better position to provide new and fresh experiences for our BLVK Community worldwide.



American Tobacco

A full-bodied tobacco blend with sweet undertones mixed in a classic American tobacco taste.


Havana Tobacco

Lose yourself on the streets of Havana with the rich and robust notes of a Cuban Cigar.


Blue Slushie

A refreshing blast of ice mixed with sweet blue raspberry candy.


Bruce Chee

Candied lychee topped with a refreshing blast of cool menthol.


Icy Tundra

Smooth spearmint followed by a refreshing mentholated kick.


Cool Grapple

A fusion of juicy grapes and crisp apples cooled to perfection.


Bubba Melon

A unique pairing of watermelon and bubblegum finished with hints of ice.


Kiwi Bang

Candied orange and crisp kiwi blended with a refreshingly cool sensation.


Tropic Thunder

A tropical mixed fruit blend finished with a heavy-handed mentholated breeze.


Coco Melo

A tropical coconut delight with subtle hints of vanilla chilled to perfection.


Strawberry Swirlz

Frozen strawberries paired with a decadent vanilla ice cream base.


Vanilla Swirlz

Rich custard overtones mixed with creamy vanilla undertones.


BLVK E-Liquid has been at the forefront of premium vaping since 2016. Our attention to detail matched with unparalleled product innovation and customer service has brought us to peak popularity all over the world. And the release of the Ello Plus Disposables is just another product launch to further cement our commitment in providing the very best in vaping. The disposables are available now. We look forward to hearing what you think about them! 

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