Understanding Tobacco-Free Nicotine: The Definitive Guide

Understanding Tobacco-Free Nicotine: The Definitive Guide

At this point, we're confident that most people know what tobacco is.  With its cultivation and widespread use of it dating back 8,000 years, its use and embracing of the nicotine present within the plant went virtually unchallenged for thousands of years.  That is, of course, up until the mid-twentieth century as tobacco contained in cigarettes and other analog smoking products showed a steep decline in people's health.

Nevertheless, it's 2021 and like all things, people's preferences and technological developments seem to keep tobacco relevant.  This time, removing tobacco from the equation altogether with the widespread adoption of tobacco-free nicotine.  Since the widespread adoption (and the FDA's current lack of jurisdiction, e-liquid companies all over the country have begun switching their traditional tobacco-derived nicotine products in favor of the newer, synthetic substance as a way to remain in market while revised Premarket Tobacco Applications (PMTAs) are being worked on.

All of this begets the question: what exactly is tobacco-free nicotine?  Why is this development so important for an e-liquid company such as BLVK?  Trickling down to the adult smoker that has been vaping for years or a new user switching from cigarettes, how would tobacco-free nicotine impact the vaping experience?  We're here to tackle all this and more in our definitive guide to everything you need to know about tobacco-free nicotine.


Nicotine is a stimulant that naturally occurs in tobacco leaves.  Some of its notable effects include a decreased appetite, a heightened mood, and increased alertness.  Not to mention, it's incredibly addictive and stands as one of the most difficult substances to quit once you're hoked.

Traditionally, nicotine was used by chewing the leaves of the tobacco plant, or smoking them after the leaves are dried and cured.  This has been the way for as long as humans have had access to the plant.

Much like everything, however, things are rapidly changing in the world of tobacco and nicotine use.  No longer is direct combustion needed to access the plethora of effects from nicotine.  With the traditional combustion of tobacco, users also inhale a vast array of chemicals and other carcinogens that do more to harm you than to help you.

Naturally, technology and innovation have moved towards cutting out some of these risks.  With BLVK Premium E-Liquids now moving to Tobacco-Free Nicotine, we wanted to help deliver a more-concentrated and purified form as a way to further elevate your vaping experience.


Put simply, tobacco-free nicotine, or TFN is nicotine that is derived from a plant other than tobacco.  We can produce tobacco-free nicotine in a lab instead of having to extract it from the tobacco plant.  This has the added bonus or removing a tobacco-like flavor and smell from the nicotine as was previously unavoidable with traditionally-derived methods.


Tobacco-free nicotine is a synthetic compound created in a laboratory setting.  Don't let that scare you away, though - it technically means TFN is generally safer than the traditionally-derived nicotine from tobacco.  In a strict lab setting, every variable is precisely calculated and produced.  Accurate to a tee, it's then tested to essentially double-check for potency and purity.

This new of nicotine has the exact same molecular structure.  Both versions of nicotine contain 14 hydrogen atoms, 10 carbon atoms, and two nitrogen atoms.  This perfectly mimics the effects of naturally-derived tobacco, both positive and negative.

The main reason TFN is produced in a lab is to remove the impurities found in the final product - for example, a distinct taste and odor that's normally present in tobacco-derived nicotine.

Tobacco-derived nicotine requires a rigorous extraction process.  This involves chemicals and solvents that leave behind traces and contaminate the end product.  TFN manufacturing, however, does not require any solvents or the source plant, which eliminates the risk of contamination.  This also allows production to scale without the use of farms, crops, or the complicated and costly extraction process.


Up until very recently, TFN wasn't a financially-viable alternative on all levels of the supply chain.  As a consumer, would you be willing to shell out an extra $5 to $10 on a bottle of TFN e-liquid in 2018?  Probably not!

Fast forward three years to 2021 and quite literally thousands of Marketing Denial Orders courtesy of the FDA later, the market has switched over to TFN as a way for brands to stay in the market.  With more e-liquid brands making the switch to TFN, the overall cost of sourcing this nicotine alternative decreases.


We're proud to offer tobacco-free nicotine products that you can truly enjoy.  If you haven't gotten your hands on this cleaner, tobacco-free alternative to nicotine yet, this might be your sign.

And if you've been a supporter of BLVK since the beginning, you have the peace of mind knowing that every single e-liquid blend created has you in mind, this time, taking a more active approach at accentuating the flavor you've come to know and love but as a cleaner option!

If you've been on the fence about giving BLVK's new TFN Collections a try, now's your chance to get your feet wet in the new-new!  Happy Vaping!

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