What is BLVK Unicorn Known For?

What is BLVK Unicorn Known For?

If you've been following BLVK Unicorn since we launched back in the Summer of 2016, you might be able to deduce that we strive to provide the best possible smoking experience for adults worldwide through the development, sale, and distribution of Premium E-Liquids.  In case you haven't heard about us to that degree, we took the liberty of breaking down what we're known for.


Back in 2016, we formed BLVK Unicorn and launched with four flavors you might otherwise know as the original BLVK Bottles Collection.  The original four are: UNIApple, UNIChew, UNIDew, and UNILoop.  Each blend in the original BLVK Bottles Collection was developed, bottled, and labeled internally during the early days of the company.  Since then, we have expanded quite significantly.  Fast forward two years and we have developed and released the WYTE, FRZN, CHBY, MILK, SALT, and BOLD collections.  On top of that, we collaborated with Cartel Mods to form BLVK Cartel, a soon-to-be-released closed pod system.

As expected, with our expansion into providing more and more adult smokers with virtually every flavor palate preference, our method in manufacturing also needs to scale.  We have since moved production to LCF Labs, located in Ontario, CA.  LCF operates out of an FDA-Registered Facility, maintains GMP-compliance standards, and possesses an ISO-7 certified lab.  It was a smart business decision to move production over to a facility that has earned a reputation for outputting vast amounts of products consistently.  As a result, our operations have only scaled exponentially versus keeping the manufacturing aspect in-house.


Everyone more-or-less LOVES receiving vape mail.  Okay, not really...not if your order was placed over a month ago and you've been pestering your mail carrier and spamming customer service for a status update daily.

One of the best aspects of the BLVK Unicorn experience is that we can guarantee a fast turnaround.  Whether it's an online order of our CRMY Strawberry or a case of orders spanning all of our collections for a vape shop, expect about 5 business days at most before you're reunited with your all-time-favorites.


If you had to name one blend that stands as the best BLVK Unicorn blend, which would it be?  Ooooh, that's a loaded question that might garner some frustration because well, all our blends are amazing!  If you had the opportunity to look at our Instagram DMs for instance, there are literally thousands of DMs consisting of adult smokers that have shared their experience with our products.

Do you have an absolute favorite flavor?  Drop us a line here.


Now we published an article about what makes great marketing in the vape space a few months ago.  We want to accentuate its importance, especially when you combine all the other aspects together.  Marketing exists to increase exposure to a brand, product or service.  Without it, companies such as ours would simply slang our products to consumers and shops with absolutely no identity behind it.

Great marketing allows us to express ourselves.  To possess great marketing is to relate to a person or group that would otherwise unite them to our identity.  And let's be honest, marketing is fun (wink).


Did you know that you can purchase BLVK Unicorn worldwide?  Between ourselves and the relationships we've built with vape shops, smoke shops, online retailers, and distributors alike, you can find your favorite BLVK Unicorn blends in 42 countries across 6 continents.  Imagine if we were able to quantify how many adult smokers go out of their way to find and enjoy our products.  That...is arguably our greatest feat as an e-liquid manufacturer.

Did we forget to mention something?  Let us know what you think BLVK Unicorn is known for by dropping us a line!

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