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8 Tips on Getting The Most Out Of Your BLVK E-Liquid

8 Tips on Getting The Most Out Of Your BLVK E-Liquid

8 Useful Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your BLVK E-Liquid

Hello there, trusty Unicorns and curious friends! BLVK Unicorn is back with our weekly update on all things vape! While we thank you for taking time out of your busy days to tune in, BLVK Unicorn stands by their goal of always providing you with quality e-liquid and high-quality information.

Today, we want to refresh you on all the ways you can elevate your smoking experience and get the best bang for your buck. We have shared ways to ensure the longest shelf life for your products, but now we want to take you the extra mile and tell you how to utilize your fresh liquid and have the best possible outcome when you exhale.

I know it may seem like there is a lot of responsibility associated with vaping, and that’s because just like any other hobby, there is. Practicing good vaping etiquette will not only make it more enjoyable, but it will also make it even more fun. BLVK Unicorn is going to tell you our pro tips and tricks for getting the very most out of your e-liquid.

First, be knowledgeable with your selections. Not just when choosing your flavors or brands, but when choosing your mod. Temperature, size, charging abilities and general compatibility are things to consider when picking your trusty sidekick. Knowing your vaporizer will guarantee the highest obtainable puffing pleasure!

Just like any another aspect in life, you want to switch it up. Not constricting yourself to one flavor will keep your vaping adventure interesting and exciting. If leading brands like BLVK Unicorn just are not offering as many options as you would like, try mixing it up and making your own custom blends! You can mix all kinds of e-liquid to cater to your precious pallet.

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Functionality is clearly key when it comes to vaping. You want to consider airflow and your mouthpiece. For those big clouds we know you love to blow you want to shoot for a high VG level. With the narrower mouth pieces, you will get the best possible flavor profile while having ample room to blow massive billows.

Another thing to consider is adjustable temperature mods. This will allow you to gauge what level heat is the most enjoyable for you. Thread carefully, as it is easy to burn out your temp controlled box mods if you get overzealous. An additional simple, but key tip – always take the extra moment to double check your seal. Whether its on your device, or your juice bottle – make sure its fastened tight or else it can be messy and wasteful when your e-liquid starts leaking.

Aside from caring for your vape pen, BLVK Unicorn encourages you to care for yourself while smoking. Throughout the days its easy to get caught up and carried away while puffing through the work day. Staying hydrated is a huge benefactor while enjoying your high grade e-liquid. Dehydration can ruin your whole day and it can definitely give you a headache in unison with your clouds. So you majestic unicorns, please make sure your e-liquid is not the only liquid in your day and stay hydrated!

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