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The Best BLVK Unicorn Pairings For Your Next Adventure

The Best BLVK Unicorn Pairings For Your Next Adventure

Greetings you magical creatures, BLVK Unicorn here to drop some knowledge on how to elevate your next adventure properly, with our premium e-liquid! We’ve racked our brains and experimented with our plethora of flavors in some super scenic environments to provide our readers with a heightened guide of pairing pleasures.

Whether you are an outdoorsy folk or a homebody, BLVK Unicorn has put in the time to get you set up for extreme comfort, and get you loaded with the best vape juice no matter what your desired setting. We’ve compiled a short list of pro tips for vapers of all levels.


If your favorite hobby is kicking back with friends, watching movies on your couch, or enjoying a good book, BLVK Unicorn recommends adding some extra spice with our combination of delicious creamy milk and rich chocolate. Our Milk Box chocolate e-liquid adds decadence to even the most chill nights at home.

Now we know how much our SoCal fam loves lounging by the beach, catching waves, and getting a good dose of vitamin D. What could go better with that than a blend of the creamiest coconut milk and juicy pears? BLVK Unicorn’s UNICOCO flavor adds a little slice of heaven to those already magical beach bum sessions.

For those nights when you just don’t want to be cooped up indoors and are craving a good camping trip in the sand or a forest nearby – roughing it doesn’t have to have to be on the menu! Our UNICAKE e-liquid will make you feel like you finished dinner at a fancy restaurant, giving you the best of both worlds. The pleasure of the fresh air mixed with crumb cake and blueberries and a tent? Yes, please!

We know we have some active unicorns out there, venturing out to climb mountains or explore canyons can be a bit nerving. 

That is why we recommend you bring a bottle of our tobacco caramel juice with you to ease your nerves on even the most extreme hikes. This robust blend has your traditional smooth tobacco flavor mixed with slight, but noticeable touches of caramel. 

Don’t worry our music, art loving, festival goers – we did not forget about you! Music events can enhance your senses on an unspeakable level. When the bass is vibrating your body and you are letting loose on the dancefloor, BLVK Unicorn suggests you do it with the sweet taste of chewy strawberry candy in your vape pen. As if our UNICHEW flavor doesn’t bring your nervous system enough euphoria on its own, you’ll be taken back by how it enhances your happiest moments grooving to the beat.

Thank You

BLVK Unicorn would be nothing without our faithful customers and readers. We thank you for your continued support and send nothing but love and good vibes as you explore the world with our premium grade products by your side! We hope these top recommendations suit your taste buds and your soul and wish you the happiest adventuring and an even happier vaping experience!

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