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Are Adults More Likely to Vape While Living With Children?

Are Adults More Likely to Vape While Living With Children?

Vaping has become mainstream in terms of adult hobbies and is rising over traditional cigarettes. Many might think that BLVK Unicorns premium e-liquid and other leading brands are catered towards a younger crowd. Considered to be the “new age” way, vaping has been found to be more common in homes with children than those without.

We know the risks affiliated with secondhand cigarette smoke but a few weeks ago, the BLVK blog shared that there are not currently negative health ties to second hand vape. Still, the public isn’t completely sold on these facts alone, but it is nice to see that parents are choosing vaping over their traditional cigarettes. This significantly reduces the potential health risks to the children. Another interesting view on vaping in homes with children present, is that 5.6 percent of these vapors are living with children that regularly suffer from asthma.

BLVK Unicorn feels like this is a positive change in the right direction in the world of vape. While BLVK Unicorn does not condone the use of our products among minors, we are glad to hear that some parents are putting down those harmful smokes and picking up a bottle of premium BLVK Unicorn e-liquid. This is healthier and safer for both the parent and the children!

With so many options for e-cigarettes available, it is nice to see things to keep growing and the quality of life improving for those who have kicked the smoking habit. By utilizing BLVK Unicorn’s premium vape juice, you can slowly work your way down to a nicotine free lifestyle, if you choose! Current studies say that e-cigarettes are a whopping ninety five percent safer than your traditional tobacco cigarette. That number is huge and with smoking affecting such a large amount of the human population, we can only hope that the numbers keep changing.

The truth is, a lot of older folks turn their noses up at the first smell of BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid, because its foreign to them but the tide may be turning. It might be because a parent is trying to spare their child of the harmful effects of secondhand smoke, or because they simply do not want to expose their children to cigarettes. Whatever the reason may be, we hope to see the percentage of vapers in homes with children to rise, over cigarettes. Parenting is stressful, so it makes sense that parents are looking for a little relief and we are glad that e-cigs are becoming their first choice.

BLVK Unicorn hopes to continue to provide a safer alternative to adults that are smoking or just looking for something fun to take the edge off. Our nicotine free vape juice is not only delicious, but its light on the body. BLVK Unicorn continues to create our premium vape juice with only the best of ingredients and to make sure that you feel confident with every puff! Together, we can make the transition from smoking to vaping a reality and improve our health as a community!

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