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  Our Top Picks For BLVK Nic Salt

  Our Top Picks For BLVK Nic Salt

BLVK Unicorn is constantly thinking of ways to provide its majestic unicorns with the highest quality premium e-liquid. We are working behind the scenes 24/7 to create new concepts and innovative flavors that are brand specific. Aside from our new disposable UNICIG and our different flavor profiles, BLVK Unicorn is happy to offer both nicotine free and nicotine rich products. 

Our nicotine salt line of BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid is popular to both regular vapers and those who are trying to make the switch from traditional cigarettes. Offered in two different nicotine strengths, BLVK Unicorn is proud to have a selection of THIRTEEN exclusive flavors!

Today on the BLVK blog we wanted to share with you our top picks! While all of our flavors are just scrumptious, we have some new nicotine salt blends that are really winning us over. For starters, our Cucumber Nicotine Salt BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid is probably the most refreshing flavor yet. The delicious, mellow taste of cucumbers with a slight hint of menthol makes this flavor perfect for the hot summer days or a night by the fireplace.

Fruity flavors are one of the biggest draws when it comes to the vaping world. BLVK Unicorn’s mango nicotine salt is another star flavor for us. What is better than a refreshing mango! This blend is just the right amount of sweet. While we are focusing on our fantastic fruity flavors, we cannot forget about the magical grape! While all grapes are delicious, BLVK Unicorn is focusing in on those purple grapes and we cannot get enough of em!

For those who might think the fruity flavors are just a little too much sweet, BLVK Unicorn has crafted a special pistachio flavor. This one also has slights hint on menthol, which really adds to the pistachio notes and makes them shine.

Another tried and true flavor floating around the vape world is the dessert blends. BLVK Unicorn offers up two of the best flavors out there when it comes to sweet treats! Our nicotine rich vanilla custard implements all the delightful elements of vanilla with all the decadence of custard. This one is a real crowd pleaser. 

If you want something even more familiar to your palette, check out the strawberry cream! This wonderous blend is a mix of your favorite after dinner snack, strawberry shortcake! But the fun doesn’t stop there with this one - it also encapsulates notes of graham cracker and sweet cream!

While BLVK Unicorn does not advocate the use of nicotine rich products to new vapers, we do hope that with all these exotic flavors spike the interest of traditional smokers and help them on the journey to a smoke free life! With so many options out there, BLVK Unicorn thanks you for your continued support and for tuning in weekly with us here at the BLVK blog! We hope BLVK Unicorn remains number one for all things vape in your life and that we enhance your vaping experience always!

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