BLVK Holiday Shopping Guide

BLVK Holiday Shopping Guide

BLVK Holiday Shopping Guide


As 2020 draws to an end, the holidays are upon us once more. Vaping has remained steady in its popularity. Its prevalence in mainstream media, in pop culture, and in urban atmospheres has made the vape a part of the current social phenomenon. Additionally, its usage as a tool to gradually curb nicotine addictions has made it a practical alternative to smoking cigarettes as well.
Whether you are a fan of the vape culture or if you are leveraging e-liquids to kick a smoking habit, there is no better time to stock up on your favorite gear and e-liquids. Our BLVK holiday shopping guide has been carefully curated to help make your gift giving easier. From e-liquids to BLVK swag to stocking stuffers, take a look at our recommended picks below. 

E-Liquids to Enjoy During the Holidays


The weather is getting colder, Christmas music is starting to play on the radio, winter has casually settled in. What better way to enjoy staying indoors, cozied up during the holidays, than enjoying some of your favorite e-liquids. In light of the season, we’ve put together some of our most fitting flavor recommendations, with a little something for everyone.

Our WYTE collection is comprised of dessert inspired flavors, a great choice for anyone with a fondness for desserts or the occasional craving for something sweet. For the holiday, we recommend our UniNilla e-liquid flavor, which has sweet vanilla overtones matched with creamy custard goodness. This classic vanilla custard is a flavor that is sure to bring warm memories and make you reminisce on the good-ol days.


For those who love the cooling effect that only menthol based flavors can bring, our FRZN collection is our exclusive menthols collection. From this collection, our favorite is the Pineapple inspired FRZNPina e-liquid. With sweet and juicy pineapple chunks finished with a soothing menthol sensation, this is perfect for anyone wishing it was still summer. The cool pineapple taste is sure to be a hit for anyone who enjoys a “tropical holiday.”

FRZNPina E-liquid

Our newest flavor collection was inspired by worldwide powerhouse girl group Black Pink-- our BLVK Pink collection is tastefully designed, with brand new flavors and a stunning aesthetic. Perfect for anyone looking to try something new, or wanting to add a chic e-liquid bottle to their collection, we highly recommend giving this a try. Our favorite is the Iced Berry Lemonade with a stunning neon accent against a dark cover, this ice cold freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade blend will be your new favorite in no time.


Keep Cozy During the Holidays with BLVK Outerwear

Vaping is as much about the street culture as it is about the actual e-liquids, which means outerwear! BLVK’s comfy and warm hoodies are a great accessory to stay cozy during the holidays. With clean lines and a sharp, yet minimalist aesthetic, our hoodies are perfect for anyone looking to expand their wardrobe.


Perfect Holiday Gifts Under $25



    Of course, we can’t leave out the most important category--stocking stuffers! For anyone with a long shopping list or need creative gifts in bulk, we’ve compiled a list of our absolute favorite holiday gifts from the BLVK store under $25. Let’s dive in!

    E-liquid Bottle [Freebase or Nicotine Salt] ($19.99)


    Nothing more fitting for the vaping individuals in your life than a bottle of e-liquid, whether freebase or nicotine salt based. Our entire collection of e-liquids are on sale for $19.99, offering you a wide selection to pick from. Mix and match from different collections, get one of every flavor, pick at random, there is bound to be an e-liquid bottle that suits the tastes of everyone on your list!

    BLVK T-Shirts ($15.99)


    So t-shirts are a little cliche, but they are a classic stocking stuffer for a reason! Easy to pick out, easy to stuff in stockings, and easy to please the recipient, we’re happy to offer our own collection of BLVK Shirts. Our designs subscribe to modern street style influences and have a minimalist, but eye catching aesthetic, making them flattering on all body types, both guys and girls.

    BLVK Snapback Hat ($19.99)


      If you know someone who loves hats, then you understand there is no such thing as having too many hats. Especially when it comes to adding a crisp new snapback to their collection. With several design options to choose from, this is a perfect last minute gift that is sure to be appreciated.

    BLVK Dad Hat ($14.99)


    Speaking of hats, we can’t forget the ever popular dad hat! Styled to work with many different head shapes, dad hats are versatile, functional, and practical. We have an extensive selection of dad hats to browse through, with colors and designs that will appeal to different styles.

    BLVK Accessories (All Under $5)



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