Zero Nicotine Vaping

Zero Nicotine Vaping

Zero Nicotine Vaping

Contrary to popular belief, vaping isn’t strictly about nicotine. While anyone who is unfamiliar with the scene will associate it with smokers and tobacco users who are looking to quit, there is also an entire subculture of vaping that has nothing to do with nicotine. For example, some people may choose to vape without nicotine simply because they enjoy sampling different flavors or the practice of the countless vaping smoke tricks.

Because this isn’t something that is often discussed, we’d like zero in on this topic and focus particularly on zero nicotine vaping.


Vaping and smoking e-cigarettes has slowly gained popularity as being a less toxic alternative to smoking old-school, traditional tobacco products. For that reason, it has also been used as a tactic to wean off cigarettes and for smokers who aren’t able to go cold-turkey right off the bat. Not only are there fewer chemicals and ingredients in most vaping products, there is a higher range of selection when it comes to nicotine strength. 

There are so many e-liquid brands and e-cigarette brands that you are likely to find something that fits your specific needs. This also means there is a greater control over the intake of nicotine. Think of it this way--vaping is essentially a game of numbers. Everyone starts off with using different strengths depending on their individual needs and goals. 

Most hardcore smokers that are just beginning to transition to vaping will start off in the 12-18mg range to get the same nicotine “throat hit effect” as a cigarette. They may choose to stay within this range for a short or long period of time depending on the individual. When smokers are initially switching over, the higher nicotine levels help curb withdrawal symptoms and allow them to first get used to the act of vaping.

Vaping to quit then becomes a gradual process of reducing the nicotine strength (from 12-18mg to 6mg to 3mg) until eventually, the nicotine level is 0mg. This is the endgame for most people who get into vaping--to fully quit and kick the addiction to nicotine. Zero nicotine vaping becomes a habit that prevents former smokers from reverting back to their old habits. 

Outside of the nicotine addiction, there are behavioral “tics” that smokers develop over time. They may get twitchy if they are not exhaling smoke or have something to do with their hands. This makes vaping a great placeholder to keep them nicotine free. For anyone that gets into vaping without a smoking habit, the top reason for starting and staying exclusively at 0mg nicotine e-liquids is because they want to enjoy “flavors” of vaping and don’t have the need for a nicotine throat hit.


As we mentioned previously, there is an entire subculture to vaping that has nothing to do with nicotine. Like many fads, trends, and “aesthetic” items popularized by mainstream media and pop culture, vaping is inherently tied to certain styles and urban genres. This makes vaping particularly attractive to all sorts of people, who wants to adopt and project the same “vibe” that they see.

And for many, once they partake in this subculture, they actually find themselves enjoying the hobby and may choose to vape for that reason alone. In fact, some have actually found an added benefit is vaping “sweet” flavors can help curb cravings without the downsides of consuming processed sugary foods. Whether it is testing out new “flavors” of e-liquids or having something to do as an alternative to drinking or smoking cigarettes, it offers a way to keep busy (or avoid conversations) in social settings. 

In that case, vaping with zero nicotine e-liquid is a far better option than vaping with nicotine, especially if you have never smoked before and do not care for nicotine. Sticking to 0mg nicotine e-liquids will proactively prevent any non-smokers from unnecessarily developing a physical addiction to nicotine. That said, addiction is not always physical and can take form in a mental or psychological manner as well.

The hand to mouth motion that smokers are used to is one such example. Even after kicking the nicotine addiction, some former smokers find the developed muscle memory to be more difficult or impossible to shake, in some cases. They feel “off” or “empty” when they are not performing that motion. This is a psychological addiction that can be developed by individuals who exclusively vape 0mg nicotine as well.

Think of it this way. If you use “like” as a filler word and have grown accustomed to it, how difficult is it to consciously leave the word out of your normal style of speaking? Pretty tough, right? It’s not always conscious and in a lot of ways, operates like a verbal tic. With that in mind, for many former smokers, it makes more sense logically to keep vaping zero nicotine e-liquid rather than risk the chance of returning to cigarettes.


When it comes to vaping zero nicotine e-liquid, there are essentially four categories of vapers:
  • Ex-Smokers
  • Flavor Chasers
  • Vape Tricksters / Cloud Chasers
  • Social Vapers

Former smokers are the most popular group of vapers that utilize 0mg nicotine e-liquids. As we noted, ex-smokers tend to vape to fully quit nicotine and to make sure they don’t revert back to their former habits. But, as we’ve come to learn, not all “vapers” fit into this category.

“Flavor Chasers” are the individuals who have never smoked before and are not using vaping to kick a bad habit. Instead, they enjoy vaping solely for the flavors that are available. Some flavor chasers may utilize zero nicotine vaping as a way to reduce unnecessary snacking.

As part of the popularized vape culture, there is such a thing as “competitive” vapers who we categorize as tricksters and cloud chasers. These are the individuals who view vaping as a hobby and prefer the 0mg nicotine e-liquids to practice different tricks and techniques. They are able to better focus without worrying about the downsides of the aforementioned throat hit or head-rush that comes with nicotine.

Lastly, social vapers are the ones who do not vape constantly or regularly, but will participate in a social setting. They are not hooked to the habit, but may enjoy using vaping as a way to integrate in certain environments. Because vaping has been popularized, it can be an effective social “filler” for anyone who needs an activity to keep busy while hanging out with a group of people, or looking for a reason to decline other activities such as smoking and drinking.


When we think of vaping, we often associate it with nicotine but it’s important to keep in mind that even for ex-smokers, the ultimate goal is often to get to zero nicotine. For anyone curious about nicotine, vaping has been a less toxic alternative to conventional smoking and arguably less addictive. 

With options for zero nicotine e-liquids, individuals who crave the motions and habits associated with smoking e.g. the hand to mouth motion, the exhaling of smoke, and so forth, have an alternative that isn’t physically damaging the way nicotine packed products are. 

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