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BLVK Vaping 101 What you need to know about our Juice

BLVK Vaping 101 What you need to know about our Juice

Greetings vape fam, your esteemed BLVK Unicorn crew here: we know you’ve been out there reading with us, supporting us, and most importantly, enjoying our high-grade products! But we want to make sure you are not only happy with our products; we want to make sure you are educated about them too!

No matter what you are putting into your body, you only get one! And we never want our loved clientele to worry about what they are really getting when they choose to buy with BLVK Unicorn or other competitors. Transparency as a retailer has become almost as popular as the rising vape scene and we are going to give you the 101 on our line of high-quality vape juice.

When you are looking at ingredients, all e-liquids are composed of three simple things. Vegetable glycerin (VG), Propylene glycol (PC) and of course, our favorite part – flavoring. When you are researching our brand, you can see that BLVK Unicorn incorporates the ratio of each component, on each bottle! BLVK Unicorn juices are all produced with 70 % nontoxic vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. We feel that we have not only perfected our consistency, but we’ve mastered our flavor profile as well!

For those who are using our nicotine salt infused juices, you can also find the breakdown in milligrams, offered in different potencies. While vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are recognized as safe additives, we always want to remind users of the potential health risks associated with nicotine rich e-liquid. If you are just a casual smoker, or trying to transition from traditional cigarettes, it is important to be aware of what you are you inhaling! While each user has their own routine – our higher dosage nicotine blends can be a good place to start if you are looking for a positive outlet for trying to reduce the use of regular tobacco products. We can’t say it will help you kick the habit entirely, but we are here for exploring.

Now that you know what vape juice is – how will you decide which one to use? BLVK Unicorn always recommends you do your own due diligence when selecting one of the thousands of options out there! Consulting your friends who vape, looking at consumer reviews, price point, reputability, and the tried and true test: trial and error. Or we can save you the troubles and let our e-liquid speak for itself – with BLVK Unicorns brand specific blends, we cover all areas on the smoking spectrum.

For our adventure seeking vapers, we always encourage you to get crafty and try making some tasty mixes of your own. Because they share the same texture, all of our juices adhere easily to each other and broaden the horizons of our already appetizing flavors when combined.

BLVK Unicorn hopes that you can puff with ease knowing all the juicy details about our e-liquid. We thank you always for trusting us, and for choosing us as your go to source for pleasant e-smoking!  


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