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 How to get maximize your clouds with BLVK E-Liquid

 How to get maximize your clouds with BLVK E-Liquid

Hello, our illustrious readers, BLVK Unicorn lovers, and our cherished vape community. You know, aside from supplying you with high-quality e-liquid, fashionable gear, and wealth of information - BLVK Unicorn is always here to get you hyped about your daily vaping experience.

For some, it’s a hobby – others, a habit. Whether you are seasonal smoker or regular user, we know that many of you share a love for blowing the biggest clouds possible and we are going to tell you how to get the maximum amount of air coverage with each puff! There are a few factors to consider when figuring out the perfect combination to gain your highest level of exhaled vapor. Hardware, temperature, and e-liquid.

First, the device. While you can achieve proud puffs with a variety of electronic smoking devices, there are some models that are more suitable for engulfing yourself in a mist of fruity pleasure. Size doesn’t always matter if you have the proper technique, so they say – but if you are truly looking for endurance and dramatic effect, the BLVK Unicorn crew recommends scoping out the larger capacity tanks. Not only will these assist you with density while coughing up giant candy clouds, but with more space for e-liquid you know your tank won’t fail you even in the most intense vape battles. This will prevent you from constantly having to worry about reloading your liquids on the go or coming up short mid-exhale. There are different levels of tanks, as far as air flow and milliliters go – but no matter which you choose, the larger the tank – the more massive the cloud.

If tanks just really aren’t your jam, have no fear – you will do wonders with the right mod as well. There a couple of things you want to look out for to increase your capabilities for those bountiful billows. Battery power and longevity. There are many variations of battery packs, so something that is high power, long lasting, with a quick turn around on charging time will be ideal. 

After you’ve carefully selected your perfect converter, it’s time to push the limits and see what it can really do. It can be beneficial to test out the power ranges on your selected device. Naturally, a more intense voltage will in turn produce a more robust result. By increasing your devices energy, you simultaneously increase the speed at which it can vaporize your e-liquid, allowing you to put out the most powerful aroma and visual vapor. The same can be said when experimenting with the temperature gauge. With a warmer temperature, your coils act faster and convert the e-liquid quicker, allowing you to produce a steady, stronger, smog. Moving around through your preferred heat range and power setting will help you determine your most comfortable and capable cloud cultivation.


We’ve put it to the test and by combining these simple, but influential tips with BLVK Unicorn’s high-grade e-liquid – we guarantee you will be creating massive waves in the form of vape clouds.

Need Some Juice? We've Got You Covered.

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