[FIRST LOOK] CRMY Strawberry

[FIRST LOOK] CRMY Strawberry

As vaping enthusiasts, we all know that feeling of shamelessly blowing through a 100ML bottles of juice in a matter of days.  Most of the time, these bottles that were just brutally vaped out in record time features easy-to-love and difficult-to-put-down flavors.  This feeling is what our CHBY collection is all about.

A Brief History of CHBY

Back in August 2017, we released the first iteration for the series, PRPL Grape.  Imagine everything you love about grapes, all provided in a massive 100ML bottle, allowing you to vape it all day, everyday, without a worry in the world.

In terms of sales, after 1 year of PRPL's release, we've seen a consistent presence of the flavor worldwide, indicating that the CHBY Series is here to stay.  As a result, we've taken the liberty to introduce yet another CHUBBY AS FVCK bombshell for you all.  Introducing, CRMY Strawberry.  100ML of strawberry shortcake goodness.  Check out our first look below!

CRMY Strawberry

Flavor Name: CRMY Strawberry

Flavor Profile: A delectable slice of strawberry shortcake topped with sweet cream and graham cracker bits.

VG/PG: 70% / 30%

Size: 100ML

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

To ensure that this new addition to the CHBY line would be vaped without prejudice, we conducted a beta test by some of the community's most avid vapers via our BLVK Nation Facebook group

The process was simple, we shipped users a 60ML bottle, unlabeled with only a vague flavor profile description of it.  Within a matter of days, most users finished the bottle or had difficulty in conserving the amount they were given.  Not only was the flavor well-received within the closed group, but many called for the release to happen as soon as possible.

Ask and You Shall Receive

While the official release date is still TBD, we are currently accepting pre-orders for CRMY Strawberry via our site.  Secure a bottle or two and see how long it takes you to finish it!

For those interested, we are hosting a giveaway on our social media channels where we are giving away a bottle of CRMY Strawberry for $1 + shipping.  One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive the bottle and one of our custom-3D printed Squonk mods as well.


Good luck!

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