[RECAP] BLVK Unicorn Drops the Bombs at ECC Ontario 2018

[RECAP] BLVK Unicorn Drops the Bombs at ECC Ontario 2018

In what is considered to be one of the most anticipated trade shows for manufacturers and consumers alike is the Electronic Cigarette Convention (ECC).  This past weekend proved to be yet another successful ECC - and for good reason too!  This past weekend highlighted everything that we have released over the last few months,  from the release of our Summer Apparel Collection, to our new Tobacco Collection, a new addition to the CHBY Collection, and in terms of hardware, our first-ever closed pod system called The HIT.  We'll go through each day and highlight some of our favorite moments from the weekend.

Day 1: B2B

Like most trade shows in the vaping industry, manufacturers such as ourselves make the majority of our revenue through business-to-business relationships.  To ensure the overall success of a trade show, it is imperative for the show to have exhibitors with unique products while simultaneously enticing buyers with purchasing power to attend the show to effectively broker relationships.  Historically, ECC has proven to be a great show to do just that.

As we mentioned above, we have been hard at work developing and launching new products.  Between the Summer Apparel Collection, Tobacco, CRMY Strawberry, and The HIT, you best believe both our existing and new buyers were thrilled at the overall variety and depth we possess under our belt.  While we won't divulge any pertinent details to the deals we otherwise secured, the interest in our products remained our top priority, and therefore, a worthy mention to the overall success of the trade show.

Day 2: Open to Public

Here comes Saturday, the penultimate day of the convention.  The first day in which the trade show is open to the public.  Overall the public reaction to our latest and greatest was spelled out in waves.  CRMY Strawberry did exceptionally well with several purchases.  Our Tobacco Collection served as the ultimate niche release catering exclusively to tobacco connoisseurs.  When it came to The HIT however, the reaction was incredible!  Despite our debut appearance at the show, the interest to purchase the device was spelled out.  We can't wait to measure the reaction when we do finally release.

Day 3: Open to Public

Closing Notes

All in all, we believe that ECC proved to be a successful weekend in that the trade show truly highlighted what we have achieved thus far.  Not only do we have seven e-liquid collections, an entire arsenal of apparel for virtually any type of person, and even our own pod system, we have shown the American market that we're here to stay.  We thank each and every distribution company, vape shop, online retailer, and most importantly, everyday users, that visited our booth over the weekend.  We strive to provide only the best possible vaping experience for all those interested in what we have to offer.  We're thrilled to be involved in a community that truly looks after its own and we look forward to sharing our products for years to come.  See you at the next trade show, wherever that might be!

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