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How Long Does BLVK E-Liquid Last?

How Long Does BLVK E-Liquid  Last?

Much like all perishable products available for purchase, Vape Juice is among that list. While not like food that can grow mold or become contaminated, we still have an expiration date for all of our juice. Why is that?    

The answer lies within the components of our e-juice. An e-juice may be liquid but it is still a combination of many different ingredients. This means that leaving a bottle of e-juice sitting for an extended period may result in the ingredients separating. In turn, this separation may affect the quality of the juice. 

What Is The Shelf Life Of BLVK E-Juice?

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The two major components of our e-liquid is vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. These two components can remain stable for up to 2 years when properly stored. However, there is no concrete data on whether mixing the two will result in a shorter shelf-life. 


Of course, our juice can also contain nicotine. Liquid nicotine will oxidize over time. This is especially true if the liquid nicotine is not in a tightly-sealed in one of our bottles. What this means is that the nicotine won’t be as potent. It is still usable but you will notice a significant reduction in its effects. This might be dangerous since the typical response to this situation is to increase the nicotine one consumes. 

How Will I Know If My Juice Has Gone Bad? 

There are signs to look out for if you want to determine if an e-juice has already “expired”. The flavor itself will tell you if the e-juice is no longer good. You will notice a difference in how the e-juice tastes. The flavor won’t be as distinct. It’s like drinking watered-down wine. You’re tasting a flavor that’s familiar but not as good. 

Signs To Look Out For 

A Change In Color

We mentioned previously that nicotine oxidizes which is a completely natural process. This is the same reaction that occurs once you slice an apple and in changes colors after a few minutes. In vaping, this happens when the atoms of the nicotine molecule interact with the atoms in the oxygen molecule in the air. There’s really nothing anyone can do to prevent this process other than enjoy the juice in a timely manner. 

Change In Viscosity 

The thickness or viscosity of our e-juice varies. It depends on the type of BLVK juice you’re vaping. An e-juice’s thickness will also depend on the ingredients used in making the e-juice. Our e-liquid with high levels of Propylene Glycol will be more fluid like. On the other hand, our e-juice with high Vegetable Glycerin content is much thicker making it ideal  for those who love performing vape tricks. 

Change In Smell

Our sense of smell can tell us if a food we’re about to eat is still edible. Our noses can detect any change in the smell of the food. This is true even for our e-juices. We’re pretty sure that if you have a favorite BLVK flavor, you know how it smells. You’ll be able to detect even a small change in its smell. If the e-juice smells funny, then dispose of it immediately. Flavored e-juices also have distinct smells. If the e-juice doesn’t smell like its flavor, throw it away.


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