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TPD Compliant: The Rules

TPD Compliant: The Rules

What Is The TPD?

The TPD landed on May 20, 2016 and drastically changed the vaping landscape worldwide. A new word was added to the vocabulary of many vapers as everybody had to make sure their vapes and vape juice were "TPD Compliant" 

What is TPD? The Tobacco Products Directive is a "directive of the European Union which places limits on the sale of merchandising of tobacco and tobacco related products in the EU." Originally created in 2001, the TPD was revised in 2014 to include vape products. 


With every EU country essentially adopting its own interpretation of the TPD, understanding all of the regulations is pretty complicated. But there are a number of regulations that pertain to e-liquid which apply in all EU countries and are relevant to all vapers. And as is the case with most rushed regulations, there are quite a few loopholes that make things easier for both BLVK Unicorn and our supporters.  

TPD Compliant E-Liquid

We need to follow the rules below in order for BLVK E-Juice to be compliant in the EU

  1.  Bottle Capacity must not exceed 10mL
  2. Nicotine strength cannot exceed 20mg/mL
  3. Bottles must have childproof caps and nozzles 
  4. Bottles must have nicotine warning stickers
  5. E-Liquid boxes must include warnings and informational leaflets
The first two rules are most relevant to those that enjoy our juice in the EU. 
VNLA Custard E-liquid - BLVK

Other Issues For BLVK Unicorn 

The restrictions above are a direct impact on vapers, but there are additional regulations that BLVK Unicorn must acknowledge. The most important changes for BLVK EU are: 

  1. Six-month notification for new products: All companies have to notify their countries regulatory agencies six months before being allowed to sell any new product. 
  2. Emission Testing for All BLVK Juices: This is purely for quality testing which BLVK already does naturally. 
  3. Advertising Restrictions: In many countries, TV and Radio advertising is not allowed alongside product placements and social media-based promotional content. 

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