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How To Boost Your Enjoyment Of Your Favorite BLVK Unicorn Flavors

How To Boost Your Enjoyment Of Your Favorite BLVK Unicorn Flavors

For the majority of modern vapers, it's easy to get sick of the same flavor. It doesn't take long to discover that "love at first puff feeling." But after a few weeks or months of the same flavor (or four), most begin to develop the dreaded 'vaper's tongue'. Even vapers who change up their flavors can fall into a rut vaping from the same few bottles on the way to work, during a vape break, or even relaxing at home after a long day because those are what's readily available. But in a more common sense, the best way to enjoy your flavor of choice is to savor each delectable puff and maintain your panache to appreciate the depth and complexity of each flavor. Realistically, vaping is a hobby of the senses. You smell as much as you taste it  and the flavors are there to be appreciated. You can get an exquisite and relaxing experience out of each puff, so why not adapt the methods we've come up with to savor that flavor? 


Alternate On The Daily

First and foremost, don't vape on just one BLVK flavor exclusively. That's the fastest way to beckon vaper's tongue and a lowered appreciation for the flavor. Instead, have about 2 to 5 different BLVK flavors that you alternate between during the day, or between days if you can't switch out tanks easily on the job. This will ensure that your tongue and sinuses are always getting something fresh, new, and don't become bored with the same flavor for too long.

Pair Your BLVK Flavors With Meals 

If you're a foodie or just a snack aficionado, you can make BLVK flavors a part of your artisan meal planning. Whether you're a master chef or just know you're way around the goodies, that same awareness of your palate can help you enjoy your vape. In fact, the right flavor pairs amazingly with meals, snacks, and gourmet desserts.  You might enjoy a rich BLVK Tobacco Caramel with your coffee cake at the end of the day, or a light Unichew vape paired with an afternoon snack. 

Or perhaps use a puff of FRZNCHEE to clear your palate between the courses of an exquisitely prepared meal. Flavor pairing is an art form and is not limited just to fine dining. Vape flavor pairing is a wonderful way for chefs and foodies to get the most possible enjoyment from both meals and clouds.

Vape Get-Togethers

Finally, there is the single best way to introduce yourself to new flavors: Swap with friends. In a single group of friends who vape, there are going to be more than two dozen different flavor bottles in rotation. Some with salt nicotine, some with freebase. Some minty, some rich, some fruity, and some flavors you've never heard of but really want to try.

Getting the most possible enjoyment from your BLVK e-liquid isn't just a matter of staying hydrated and switching flavors throughout the day. You also need to keep up your flavor discovery and change out what you vape throughout the year! The more variety you vape, the more you are able to appreciate the subtle undertones and light overtones of flavor woven into each mix. We know you'll have daily favorites. Just remember to keep your list of favorites active so your tongue can appreciate the outstanding flavor experience it is really getting.

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