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We Launched BLVK Weekly and We're Stoked to Share It!

We Launched BLVK Weekly and We're Stoked to Share It!

We don't know how observant you are about our whereabouts and what we do on a daily basis.  In the off-chance you weren't paying attention, we generally blast out newsletters when we are launching a new product.  Whether this product be a flavor or set of flavors, such as the CLIC x BLVK Collection released last week, or even the release of our Winter 2019 Apparel Collection a few months before that, our involvement in serving you up the latest happenings within our world is largely kept a secret.

While the reasoning for only blasting out content that is centered around a launch might be well-thought out and such, we just want to connect with you more often.  That being said, we're pleased to announce that we launched a new weekly newsletter, aptly titled, BLVK Weekly.

BLVK Weekly

According to our research, companies within the e-cig industry largely send out newsletters from a sales perspective - and its target demographic consists of shop owners and distribution heads.  The email looks something like - "Check out our new products, request information now," in which the interested parties click a button and get routed over to a sales representative to take things further.  BLVK Weekly isn't about that.  This newsletter is geared towards fans of BLVK Unicorn to help one see what we're all about.  This segmented newsletter showcases a few things:

  1. Unicorn Spotlight
  2. Majestic Swag
  3. BLVK Blog

Unicorn Spotlight

Not sure what to stock up on?  Check out our weekly Unicorn Spotlight to learn about a flavor or set of flavors to keep you in the Unicorn state of mind!

Majestic Swag

Rain or shine, you know that are BLVK Unicorn swag is fresh and geared towards a lifestyle unparalleled to any other.


If you're reading this, then you're reading our blog.  Get a glimpse of what's happening in our world and the industry at large!


We'd love to have on-board for BLVK Weekly, but you need to subscribe to our list!  Click the button below to be routed back to the main BLVK Unicorn website.  From there, scroll to the bottom and enter your e-mail to opt-in!

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