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Is Second Hand Vape Dangerous?

Is Second Hand Vape Dangerous?

Hello there, our beautiful majestic unicorns and friends! BLVK Unicorn is happy to spend another week with you, catching up with the latest news and hot topics in the vape community. As many of our readers may know, we often talk about the differences between smoking traditional cigarettes vs. vaping BLVK Unicorns premium e-liquid. 

While we know there is not currently enough research to get a clear image of how vaping affects the human body long term, we do know that at first glance, vape juice does not include even a fraction of the harmful chemicals you will find in a pack of smokes. Additionally, the questions started arising about second hand vape smoke, naturally because we are emitting a larger amount of vapor than visible cigarette smoke. 

Now if you are a seasoned vaper, you might be able to answer this question logically if you understand the simple mechanics behind e-cigarettes. In case you don’t, have no fear – BLVK Unicorn is here to break it down for you. The process in which the vapor is created is triggered by the heating of a coil, once the coil is heated, so is your premium BLVK Unicorn vape juice, causing it to vaporize for inhalation. As you know, the process of lighting a traditional cigarette needs the help of an open flame, once lit the smoke is created by burning the actual contents. In this igniting process alone, you can see the chemical makeup of smoke vs. vapor is much different.

With recent bans being proposed to control the sale of vape juice and restrictions on flavor, it seems like the risk factor of products like BLVK Unicorns vape juice and vaping as a whole would be under the microscope for health concerns. So now, we circle back to the initial question: is secondhand vapor a thing and is it harmful? 

It is not a simple yes or no answer but based on the studies that have been conducted regarding the safety of vaping, we feel pretty confident in saying secondhand vape isn’t a silent predator. While overuse or overexposure of anything can have its issues, the detriment of vapor clouds is certainly significantly less dangerous than the effects of secondhand smoke and that is all we really know for sure!

So, there you have it Unicorns! BLVK Unicorn always recommends that you be mindful of your surroundings while vaping our premium e-liquid – but you can find some ease in knowing that you aren’t polluting the lungs of your peers with second hand vape clouds! This is another huge factor for those looking to make the switch from the world of cigarettes to electronic alternatives. Not only is it safer, but it smells better too. Here at BLVK Unicorn we call this a win-win situation! Thank you for joining us for another addition of the BLVK blog, and for continuing to make us your go-to source for the latest news and updates surrounding the vape culture! Until next time your majesties!

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