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Our Top Picks From BLVK Fruit!

Our Top Picks From BLVK Fruit!

What’s happening BLVK bloggers? This week we dove into discussion about the rise of the vape community over time, and the potential bans that we may face ahead. With Mercury’s retrograde officially coming to an end, we wanted to reel it back in and share with you BLVK Unicorn’s top picks of premium e-liquid!

It’s hard to believe it’s already August. This year BLVK Unicorn has worked hard to bring you fresh new products. From apparel, to our disposable UNICIG, and flavors ranging from our original BLVK fruits, to FRZN menthols, WYTE desserts, SALT nicotine salts, BOLD tobacco, and of course our adored MILKBOX collection. BLVK Unicorn has something for all seasons, so let’s talk about some of our all-time summer favorites!

While we may be a bit biased, BLVK Unicorn strives to create unique flavors of premium e-liquid that stand out on the shelves. We listen to our customers, adapt, and test each product to see if we are getting the absolute best flavor profile possible. Offering up a range of nicotine strengths, tobacco blends, and top of the line gear, we wanted to take a look at some of our best, original blends. If you haven’t tried BLVK Unicorns premium vape juice, we highly recommend you continue reading to find out which flavors our staff have voted the tastiest and most satisfying! There are tons of vape juice brands out there, each offering their own kind of style.

First, our bottled BLVK Unicorn UNIAPPLE has and will likely continue to remain at the very top of our list. Offered in three nicotine strengths, this flavor encapsulates the delicious taste of newly harvested fuji apple! Sweet, crisp, and tart to finish – this blend is ideal for beginners or veteran vapers that are interested in a fresh taste every time.

BLVK Unicorns UNIDEW high grade e-liquid is a close second to our UNIAPPLE. This dynamite flavor mixes the tastes of honeydew melon and is blended with a mix of delicious berries. Also available in nicotine strengths 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. This is a good introductory flavor because it displays how balanced BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid can be when combining different flavor profiles. It’s fruity, refreshing, and revitalizing on every inhale. 

Last but certainly not least, BLVK Unicorn staff votes are in! BLVK Unicorns premium UNICHEW e-liquid comes as our highest-ranking flavor! It was created to resemble the taste of your favorite chewy candy, with a blast of strawberry when you bite! This is one of our most impactful, yet peaceful flavors offered. The scent that is exhaled is even more tantalizing than flavor itself.

No matter which flavor you choose, BLVK Unicorns bottled flavors are sure to please! If these original BLVK Unicorn flavors sound a bit too sweet or fruity for your tongue, we have tons of other flavors that are appetizing and less adventurous for the palette. Or if you are trying to really do it big, you can even mix all three of these right up!

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