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Nic Free Vape Juice? Why Not?

Nic Free Vape Juice? Why Not?


BLVK Unicorn prides itself on providing customers with premium vape juice. We want our faithful unicorns to have a plethora of options created with the highest quality ingredients. If you are BLVK Unicorn user, you know that we offer our vape juices in both nicotine rich flavors, as well as nicotine free. Some may ask, what’s the point of vaping nicotine free and the simple answer is, its fun! You can enjoy the flavors and inhalation of yummy vape juice, without adding addictive chemicals to the mix. 


For some, vaping is being used as a replacement for traditional nicotine rich cigarettes. By offering premium BLVK Unicorn vape juice in various nicotine strengths, it can aide vapers in making the transition without experiencing the extreme withdrawals from nicotine. By starting with a nicotine rich flavor at a higher dose, you can then slowly move down to a lower strength, and hopefully eventually on to a nicotine free vape juice. By easing the nicotine out of your system, the difficult withdrawals might be less intense on the body. 


BLVK Unicorn is aware of the addictive properties of nicotine and while we do not influence the use of nicotine for first time vapers, we are also aware that change from cigarettes can be difficult and by slowly lowering your nicotine intake, you may have a better chance of dropping the habit for good. BLVK Unicorn thinks that by even helping just one person quit smoking then we are succeeding in making a positive change. We hope that by providing vapers with these options, we can help them on the path to a healthier, safer, lifestyle! 


People are quick to judge when it comes to vaping or smoking of any kind but the reality is that people are going to do it anyways. BLVK Unicorn thinks it’s important for people to know that a lot of the time when you see vapers puffing sweet clouds of BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid, it is habit forming free! We hope that all vapers can enjoy their experience, with or without nicotine and be aware that they are doing significantly less harm to their bodies while having a great time. 

Vaping is the future and by providing quality vape juice, we hope to continually see the decline in traditional cigarette smoking and the addictive, harmful effects associated with smoking. Quitting any habit is rough and BLVK Unicorn can only hope that our premium e-liquid can make it possible for smokers who have been unsuccessful in quitting without a healthier alternative. 

BLVK Unicorn would be nothing without its faithful unicorns and we always have your best interests in mind when creating our vape juice. So, the next time someone asks why nicotine free vape juice is a thing, we hope that you can give them some food for thought! By spreading the word about nicotine free products, you may be introducing a long-time smoker to a happy substitute and helping them see that they too can be nicotine free!

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