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Smoking in movies?

Smoking in movies?

We know our BLVK bloggers, like the rest of the general public spent their Fourth of July binge watching Stranger Things (hopefully). As America would have it, our favorite televised distraction seemed to get a lot of attention about one of the show’s most iconic characters, Hopper. Oh Hopper – the kind man who avenged the baddest and bravest girl in Netflix history, Eleven, and transformed into the ideal father figure. Pre-apologies for any spoilers, but we had a pretty emotional ending with him. However, this is not only about Hoppers heroic acts and the predictions of the upside down – BLVK Unicorn, as always, is here to talk about all things VAPE.

The show got some serious backlash regarding a leading star and his overuse of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Its blasphemous to say that people are going to pick up the habit of smoking rather than the hobby of decoding interdimensional messages but that’s just not the world we live in. BLVK Unicorn wants to put the word to the people and gain some perspective: is the visual representation of smoking influential to its viewers?

Let’s remember – Stranger Things is depicted in the 80’s, where smoking was the usual. Netflix came out with a press release stating that smoking and electronic cigarettes, will no longer be viewed in a positive light moving forward, unless it’s for historical or true purposes. BLVK Unicorn can’t help but wonder, will shows portraying current times feature electronic cigarettes and characters vaping BLVK Unicorns premium vape juice? Or will this be censored due to the judgement of the public eye?

How many viewers can truly attest to their influence of smoking stemming from televised scenarios? Will images of drinking, drugs, and other unfavored human acts also be cut from narratives solely because of the potential influence they might have on viewers? 

Smoking and e-cigs seem to get the biggest backlash when it comes to the public eye, while alcohol is left untouched. While the real problem people seem to be having is that shows like Stranger Things have a younger audience, BLVK Unicorn wonders if should these changes be strictly for programs that are catered to minors.

BLVK Unicorn does not condone or encourage the use of our products to minors and takes extra steps to prevent minors from being exposed to our premium e-liquid. With some many bills in place to regulate the availability of vape products, we wonder if these changes in media will have an affect as well. The presence of e-cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes seems to be making its way into mainstream shows, and we think that change alone speaks volumes. While there is not enough research to determine the long-term effects of vaping, we do know they are less harmful than cigarettes. BLVK Unicorn can only hope that these restrictions from Netflix will spark a positive change for young viewers but that adult programs will not be banned from using e-cigarettes to portray a certain image in a story line as well.

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