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The 5 Best BLVK Unicorn Flavors for Summer

The 5 Best BLVK Unicorn Flavors for Summer

With the summer quickly approaching, so are the months of ample free time to travel, enjoying your hobbies, celebrating college breaks, and most importantly, having fun in the sun. BLVK Unicorn wants to accompany you on all your favorite endeavors and continue to provide exceptional service to our trusted clients. To make sure our unicorns are not wasting precious time, we want to inform you of the most refreshing e-liquid we have to offer as weather patterns change. To ensure you are puffing with passion all summer long, we here at BLVK Unicorn headquarters compiled a list of our top five picks and favorite flavors of e-liquid as the solstice gets closer!


We know you will be kicking back on the beach, having bonfires, going to festivals, and barbecuing - BLVK Unicorn wants to help you do it right with always our high-quality products and flavors. Personally, fruity style e-juice is always at the top of my list, but in the summer, it is the only way to go!

BLVK Unicorn offers a wide variety of premium e-liquids and we’ve selected our personal favorites for your adventures in the sun.

Our FRZN collection offers delicious fruits with an equal amount of menthol, giving you an icy addon to your smoking experience and mentally cooling your inner body heat. We’ve taken berries and mangoes and intensified them with minty goodness to make our top contenders from this collection: FRZNBERRY and FRZNMANGO. Each having their own distinct flavor profile and divine scent, these two are sure to invigorate your taste buds and leave you feeling revived even on the hottest days.

If menthol isn’t your thing, our handcrafted traditional fruit line of e-liquid does not fall short on the taste scale. Our UNIAPPLE blend is a classic fuji apple flavor- delicious, simple, and revitalizing. Who doesn’t love seasonal fruit in the summertime? That brings us to our next top ranked taste – UNIDEW. Combining the essence of honeydew and a variety of mixed berries, this flavor speaks for itself - forming a perfectly balanced taste and a truly unique smell. 

If you’re all about the melons like we are and looking for a little something extra we recommend our MILK BOX MELON. This BLVK Unicorn exclusive integrates all the tastiness of our scrumptious melon blends and unites it with a milky flavor to create maximum pleasure for your mouth and act as the perfect dessert after a long day catching rays. 

BLVK Unicorn stands by our motto of being majestic as FVCK and is eager to keep delivering top quality e-liquid to you through all the seasons. We hope this short guide helps you puff your way through the summer feeling fresh and always tasting the most enjoyable flavor for you in any setting. Always remember to keep your e-liquid bottles out of the direct sunlight or pop them in your beach cooler to guarantee the freshest product and prolonged shelf life. We hope you enjoy our staff picks and explore our other premium e-liquids.


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