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The Best BLVK Gift Ideas

The Best BLVK Gift Ideas


Vaping and e-cigs are the way of the future. BLVK Unicorn and other leading vape companies are consistently striving to stay relevant and unique as the market continues to grow. Between conventions and vape products being readily available in head shops, gas stations, and vape stores around the country – most involved, everyday vapers, tend to have their methods dialed in. But what is more fun than sharing your hobby and joy of vaping with your friends? Sometimes, you just want to shower your friends with a little extra love, so the BLVK blog is here to share some innovative gift ideas for those vapers who just seem to have it all!

With so many different devices out there, there are plenty of gifts that will go a long way with even the most esteemed vapers! Once you determine your pals preferred vaping style – you can break it down to see what will be the most useful and appreciated!

We know there are some device scientists out there who love to build their own, so replacement coils are the gift that will always keep on giving! Regardless of your chosen mod, you will always need to replace your coils at some point. So, do a little research and figure out what their favorite vaping apparatus is, and you can easily find the right items to order to ensure they won’t have to go long without their precious clouds once the hardware needs a quick swap.

Another important aspect of vaping, as you know, is device maintenance and sanitation. BLVK Unicorn always recommends a weekly clean of your mod, to ensure prolonged functionality and an always fresh flavor. You’d be surprised how quickly you blow through your preferred cleaning solution, so this always an amazing gift.

For some, the biggest draw to vaping is the plethora of flavors offered. To surprise your vaping friends, presenting them with a new flavor of BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid would be ideal. It is easy to get set in your ways as a vaper once you find a flavor you adore. With the gift of a diverse flavor, you can help your less adventurous flavor seekers try something they wouldn’t pick up on their own. For those who sway towards the more hand-held, pod devices – BLVK Unicorn’s brand new UNICIG is the perfect gift! These disposable devices are cute, tasty, and give perfect amount of excitement with each inhale. The best part? If they don’t like it, they won’t have to worry about keeping it around for too long.

If you are looking to give them something other than valued parts and premium BLVK Unicorn e-liquid – accessories are ALWAYS a solid choice! Between carrying cases, mats, device decor, and our brand-new line of BLVK Unicorn swag, your thoughtfulness will go a long with way with long time vape lovers or newbies. As they say, it’s the thought that counts, and we hope that this addition of the BLVK Blog guides you to find the most thoughtful gift for your fellow vaper!

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