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FDA Flavor Ban: Vape flavors targeted, what about Alcohol?

FDA Flavor Ban: Vape flavors targeted, what about Alcohol?

In this day and age, the regulations on flavored adult products are strict. The line has been drawn in the sand regarding cannabis rich merchandise, but now the noose is tightening on the vape community in terms of their biggest seller, taste. BLVK Unicorn and other leading vape distributors are wondering why they are being targeted when there are still popular alcohol’s flavored to our favorite childhood cereal on the market?

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Minors consuming regulated substances underage is something we have dealt with as a nation since the beginning of time, and probably will process until the end – however, alcohol remains untouched in the public eye and is possibly the biggest contributor to minor consumption. With alcohol being so readily available, it offered in so many styles. From variety fruit seltzers, to bubblegum vodkas, honey whiskey, and bright blue mixed rum -it's arguable that FDA would impose a ban on flavored tobacco products that could be appealing to children but continue to turn a blind eye to liquor market.

While BLVK Unicorn does not advocate or recommend nonsmokers to pick up the vaping habits, the reality is that vape culture and electronic cigarettes are gaining a lot of momentum nationwide. With limited data regarding the long-term effects of vaping on the human body, one thing we know for sure is that they contain minimal harmful ingredients and take a visibly less toll on our bodies. With FDA pushing to regulate premium e-liquid flavor from brands like BLVK Unicorn, they would be taking away one of the biggest appeals of vaping.

Sure, there are plenty of vapers out there who prefer flavors like BLVK Unicorn’s Cuban cigar and traditional tobacco flavor, but many of us enjoy the sweet taste of strawberries and chocolate when we are vaping. And even if are a bit less experimental as a vapor, don’t you love the possibility of being able to sample some of your favorite flavors with your chosen vape device? By minimizing or banning the production of flavored e-liquid, FDAs ban could easily turn people back to traditional cigarettes.

In this growing industry, we have to stand tall and speak our mind – in doing so, we must also ask questions about how other adult products, such as alcohol, remain to stay afloat and thrive with a mass amount of flavors that could be seen as attractive to children. As we continue to progress, BLVK Unicorn stands by there strict age policy when it comes to purchasing products, and do shops supplying premium e-liquid and pod devices. The age restriction on tobacco rich products has not changed, so why should the freedom of flavor? 

We want to thank our BLVK bloggers and the vape community as a whole for staying up to date with current changes and amendments to vape regulations and encourage all readers to voice their opinions in terms of this possible ban. We can only hope that the FDA and other agencies pushing for this ban will see the risks associated with it.

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