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The Future of Hands Free Vaping

The Future of Hands Free Vaping


Between Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, fanny packs, and modern technology like “Alexa,” hands free is a rising trend. When it comes to electronic smoking, vapers too dream of a hands-free method for their favorite hobby. BLVK Unicorn is here to discuss some ideas that have been floating around the vape community, and while hands free vaping still seems like a far stretch of the future, innovators have been drafting ideas to bring this dream to life! 


It seems silly to some, sure – how much easier can vaping get with handheld pods sweeping the market? But imagine, you are playing a game of poker among friends, skateboarding, or working on a project that requires both hands. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a puff of your BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid without having to hold up whatever you are working on?


Ideally, a hands-free device would probably be relatively smaller than your normal tanks. Something like BLVK Unicorn’s new UNICIG would be a good size to experiment with. A few ideas that have been circulating the internet included a start button that would be accessible to your teeth. Simply biting down on your device triggering the power. This seems like the most realistic approach to me! Since you will already have your device placed in your mouth, the pressure of your teeth or lips would be easy enough to press the button on the perfectly designed device! 


Another method that we’ve seen being tossed around has to do with the airflow. Imagine, a BLVK Unicorn UNICIG that ran solely on the flow of air as you inhaled. You would essentially be killing two birds with one stone with this method, as you are already used to inhaling with force on your current devices. With each breathe, you would be able to fire up your device. 

An operable, slim fit, hands-free e-cig doesn’t seem like a huge stretch of the imagination, but there are many factors to consider. How will hands-free devices be re-loaded? Will they require pod-like models only? Will they be chargeable?

Now, if there were a medium sized device, with an internal battery and a power switch, either of these methods would be possible. It all comes down to the mechanics of course, in theory these ideas sound simple on paper, but the proper engineering would be required to regulate temperatures and airflow for your hands-free vaping desires.

Living in a time of over the top inventions, it is fun to think about all the possibilities that lie ahead when it comes to hands-free vaping. From beer hats, to straw glasses – there is a plethora of ridiculous hands-free drinking inventions and it will be an adventure to see what the vape community comes up with! Here at BLVK Unicorn, we are always encouraging creativity and ingenuity and are open to fresh ideas. We hope that this sparked your thinking caps – who knows, maybe one of our very own majestic unicorns will be the latest inventor in the vape scene!

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