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What To Do With Extra BLVK E-Liquid Left In Your Tank

What To Do With Extra BLVK E-Liquid Left In Your Tank


Our BLVK blog readers tune in with us to gain knowledge, keep up with current events in the vape community, and of course, to learn how to get the best bang for their buck when it comes to vaping their premium BLVK Unicorn e-liquid.

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BLVK Unicorn strives to ensure that you feel pleased with every purchase. We’ve given you tips on how to preserve every drop of your vape juice, how to care for your bottles of e-liquid, and even how to maintain the cleanliness of your chosen devices. 


We’ve grinded it into your head about how important it is to clean out the residual liquid before refilling, but we know how hard it can be when you are on the go. So, what are you to do with the extra BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid that is chilling in your tank before you swap it out for another delicious flavor, or its weekly clean out? 

While it seems relatively safe to just vape the rest of the leftovers, but then – you hear the sound of your coils working in overdrive to vaporize what is left. The gurgling sound of your device is its way of telling you that it is having difficulty heating up the remnants of that tasty e-liquid. 

Vape rule number one: never put unneeded strain on your coils. There are few easy methods that BLVK Unicorn has drawn out for you to utilize in your time of need! First, you know we are always encouraging our readers to mix it up a bit and experiment with juices and flavors. By simply pouring out the remaining e-liquid, it could be the perfect additive to the next flavor you load up. 

If you want to really branch out and make your own specialty flavor, set aside an airtight storage container, find a dark, cool place – and discard all of your left-over liquids into it. Over a few days, or weeks, depending on your usage – you will have your very own blend of all of your favorite BLVK Unicorn flavors!

Have no fear, if you aren’t one to get crafty – it is just as safe to return the excess e-liquid to its original container and store it until your next use. Additionally, if you just aren’t that into saving every drop – you can discard the remaining e-liquid still. As we see it, there is never a reason to waste any of your premium BLVK Unicorn vape juice. With a little extra care, you will get your moneys worth out of every bottle! Aside from saving on your e-liquid, you are saving the battery life and your coils but not forcing them to work overtime getting those hard to reach drops! By eliminating the extra stress on your device, you are ensuring yourself a peaceful, uninterrupted, vape experience every time! 


We hope these pro tips last as long as your BLVK Unicorn premium e-liquid bottles do! Remember with vaping, like any other hobby, practice makes perfect and patience is key!

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