The Ultimate BLVK Guide to Chillin' Your Way Through 2022

The Ultimate BLVK Guide to Chillin' Your Way Through 2022

If the past two years have taught us anything, it's this: hyper-focusing on how much your life changes is incredibly exhausting.  So how can we aim to stay grounded through all of this?

Allow us to introduce BLVK's Ultimate Guide to Chill - a loose recommendation list of what types of BLVK products you can vape on throughout the day in the hopes that you'd achieve just a little more relaxation and chill to your day-to-day routine.  We've recommended some of our favorite and/or fan-favorite e-liquid blends across each collection.

Whether you've been a fan of BLVK since the beginning or just starting to dip your feet into the world of vaping, consider giving our recommendations a try.  You'd be surprised at how many flavors you've overlooked!






7ML | 5.0% Tobacco-Free Nicotine

Before we jump into our open e-liquid collections, we want to start off our Chill List with our latest and greatest, our Ello Disposables Collection.  Boasting ten new e-liquid blends curated specifically for the disposable vaper in mind, our two most popular blends are Mango & Grape Aloe.

Aloe is a new addition to the BLVK family.  And with that, we've effectively gambled two of our ello flavors to our audience and it won.  Mango Aloe takes sweet and creamy mango notes and finishes it with a heavy-handed jolt of aloe vera.  Grape Aloe features juicy, plump grapes blended with a generous helping of aloe vera.

So far, we think the gamble has more than paid itself off.




60ML | 0, 3, & 6MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


Taking it way back to when we first launched BLVK, UNIDEW stood as one of the OGs to hit the market, and with that, completely change the game for vapers.  UNIDEW boasts juicy honeydew melon chunks that are combined with a plethora of mixed berries for a flavorful explosion that has never been experienced before.



60ML | 0, 3, & 6MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


Remember when every e-liquid brand in the industry had a vanilla custard blend?  While everyone had their stab at the iconic, bold dessert, few actually did it right.  Enter UNINILLA, the perfect harmony of sweet vanilla overtones matched with creamy custard goodness.

One pull of UNINILLA and you're met with that classic, yet not overbearing creamy vanilla taste.  Then on exhale, you experience a perfectly balanced amount of custard as you're not racing with thoughts to vape again, and again.  If you're the type of person to look towards something sweet after a long day, look no further than a bottle of UNINILLA.



60ML | 0, 3, & 6MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


By far, one of the most popular flavors to date, FRZNCHEE stands as one of the most versatile juice blends that can turn any bad day into a great one in a matter of seconds.  FRZNCHEE is a blast of sweet lychee with a hit of cool menthol.  Upon exhale, you are met with an explosion of fruity and chill flavor like you've never experienced before.

No matter what you're doing or caught up with, FRZNCHEE is just one of those flavors that are subtle enough to keep around you at all times, but when the situation calls for it, comes in clutch to help get you out of a funk and back to those chill and relaxing vibes we all know and crave.






30ML / 60ML | 0, 3, 6, 35, & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine

Despite many of switching to vaping from traditional, analog cigarettes, there's something about enjoying the rich and decadent flavors a traditional tobacco blend delivers that just screams relaxation.  Taking the cake for the best Tobacco Blend is our Cuban Cigar, offered either as a freebase or a nicotine salt.

Cuban Cigar is a skillfully crafted Cuban Cigar, complete with rich and dark notes that come with a medium-bodied cigar.  The blend is finished with a slight hint of vanilla to imbue feelings of decadence and nostalgia.



30ML | 35 & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


Similar to FRZNCHEE, the SPEARMINT NIC SALT is by far one of our most popular flavors to date.  And for good reason, too.  SPEARMINT boasts just two flavor elements: spearmint & ice.  While simplistic in flavor profile, the blend itself is actually incredibly complicated, offering users the opportunity to experience what a complex flavor profile would taste like off such a simple flavor.

Nevertheless, this is probably one of the main reasons why SPEARMINT consistently takes the prize as the best nicotine salt to ever hit the BLVK product family.



30ML | 35 & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


We're choosing the Salt Plus Banana Ice for a few reasons.  1) The Salt Plus Collection is a highly underrated collection.  Effectively pigeon-holing itself to really only appeal to hardcore nicotine salt users, the amount of love we give Salt Plus can definitely improve going into the rest of 2022.  2) Banana Ice as an overall flavor takes the crown because up until now, we've never released a Banana blend.  And 3), novelty aside, the Banana Ice blend from the Salt Plus collection just tastes amazing!



30ML | 35, & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine

So we know that the original rules stated we'd choose one flavor per collection that we feels gives off the most relaxing vibes.  When it comes to the BLVK Pink Collection, however, choosing one is impossible as every single blend in the collection is just outright amazing.  Iced Berry Banana, for example, is a strawberry banana menthol mix.  Iced Berry Kiwi is our modern take on an iconic strawberry kiwi fusion.  Last but certainly not least is Iced Berry Peach, reminiscent of a tall glass of Iced Peach Tea.

Whichever BLVK Pink blend you choose, you're automatically winning at everything.



30ML | 35 & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


Similar to the BLVK Pink Collection, the BLVK N' Yellow collection takes a fan-favorite base flavor, in this case, mango, and blends in several other exotic fruits to create a more dynamic vaping experience.  One of the most popular BLVK N' Yellow blends is Mango Passion Ice, an exotic blend of juicy mango chunks finished with a tangy passionfruit kick.

If you've been following BLVK for a while, you'd know how much of our team LOVES mango so it was a no-brainer for us to roll out the collection for all to try and incorporate into their respective chill routines.



30ML | 35 & 50MG Tobacco-Free Nicotine


BLVK Fusion was one of those collections originally dropped as a country-exclusive collection.  But due to popular demand and a little convincing on behalf of the internal team, we've decided to release BLVK Fusion to the rest of the world.  So if we had to choose a flavor from the collection, we'd choose Lemon Tangerine Ice.

Literally making up the entire flavor name as its profile, one can expect to taste the full spectrum of tangy to zesty as 2 citrus powerhouses come together and are finished with a generous helping of menthol.





Whether you're into stocking up on a few Ello Disposables  to puff on throughout the day, or you're more about open e-liquids, the choice is yours!  We understand that our product family is huge and can be a little overwhelming.  We've been around since 2016 after all.  All this being said, however, it's really easy to  get lost in the sauce and forget why we're always looking for ways to chill.

If you have the power to determine how and when you get to relax, do it over your favorite BLVK Premium E-Liquid blends.  You'll thank us for the vibes later.

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