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What Kind Of BLVK Unicorn Flavors Should You Start With?

What Kind Of BLVK Unicorn Flavors Should You Start With?

In a diverse market, BLVK Unicorn tries to stand out to users by putting its own special twist on flavors and quality ingredients and of course, by always following our motto and being majestic in all aspects!

When it comes to vaping, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to choosing a favorite brand, mod, and most importantly – flavor. Attempting to select your favorite e-liquid or even try it for the first time can be overwhelming!

The options range from your basic smoking blend to refreshing mints for our menthol lovers and reach all the way to Willy Wonka’s wallpaper of fruity magic. There is a little bit of something for even the most eclectic palates and BLVK Unicorn is here to guide your through our tasty wonders and find the perfect flavor for you.


It’s likely that as a first-time vaper, you won’t really know where to start, so there are a few things to think of while you are considering selecting your introductory e-liquid. First, what taste do you usually crave throughout your day? For most, a close second factor is scent – what tickles your nose in the best way?

Here at BLVK Unicorn, we offer blends exclusive to our brand, we made this short guide to help you along while you are considering your first choice – we’ve done the research for you and broken down to provide the simplest selection process for our vaping friends.

If you are lover of treats and sweets, we recommend you explore our staff favorite WYTE collection – this features a selection of our most adored decadent lights: cake and ice cream. But the exploration does not stop there! BLVK Unicorn’s milk box and fruit collections caters to the fruitier side of things with flavors like melon and mango and even features a chocolate e-liquid. If you are feeling a more refreshing and sweet taste, our fruits collection includes apple, strawberry, and a breakfast blend that tastes like fruit loops, and more.

For our minty fanatics, we recommend our FRZN collection. This includes all of our favorites from the fruits collection and adds a refreshing twist and tingle with menthol. If all this is sounding a bit too adventurous for your tongue, BLVK Unicorn’s bold line offers different tobacco flavored e-liquid, just adding some spice to your everyday puffing. Salted caramel and pistachio are a few of our personal faves and if you are really after a most traditional smoking taste, our Cuban cigar nicotine blend is sure to please.

We know that there are tons of brands, flavors, and styles of e-liquid to choose from and BLVK Unicorn would be nothing without its loyal customers. So, friends, whatever your sensory mood, we hope that BLVK Unicorn is your go to source for all your high quality, vaping pleasures. We hope this easy to read guide leads you to an even easier decision of finding your most enjoyable BLVK e-liquid and providing you the most pleasurable vape experience! Thank you for vaping with us!


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