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5 BLVK Unicorn Accessories Every Vaper Should Have

5 BLVK Unicorn Accessories Every Vaper Should Have

Hello, you majestic unicorns – BLVK Unicorn is back to talk about our favorite topic: all things vape. Now if you are reading, chances are you are an experienced vaper, or you are just dipping your toes into the world of e-cigarettes. No matter your level of expertise, BLVK Unicorn wants to talk about more than e-liquid, we are here to provide you a more enjoyable, quality experience on all levels and share want to share a few key items we think will help all vapers obtain that goal while feeling and looking fresh.


Now first off, your e-cigarette is no different than any other machine, so keeping it well-oiled will ensure top functionality. Your cleaning method does not have to be complicated; you can often use at home products like vinegar, baking soda, your general all-purpose cleaner or even unflavored vodka. The focus is really about taking the time to clean your trusty mod and keep your coils clear.  Built up e-liquid can be messy, distasteful, and down right frustrating after an extended period time! 

Now that your e-cig is smoking nicely - let’s talk about on the go storage and getting your vape style smokin’ as well!  Like any other hobby, we want to make our experience special, fun, and of course fashionable. Lucky for you, BLVK Unicorn offers a line of exclusive accessories to turn up your style and always make it easy to have your products with you.

For us, our handheld pouch helps keep our e-cigarette and e-liquid at the proper temperature while keeping it concealed, portable, and discreet. Along with our vape bag, BLVK Unicorn features a sturdy carabiner or lanyard, you can hook this to your bag for an even easier, hands-free, method of transport, as well as making sure you don’t accidentally leave your e-cigarette behind. Our custom accessories are black and white black and white, making them perfect for any style of vaper and match with everything.

You’re looking and now you’re ready to travel with all your e-cig necessities, but you want to be able to set up shop anywhere without making a mess. This is where we highly recommend all users have a silicon mat. BLVK Unicorn’s sleek build mat is portable, durable, and provides the perfect service area for loading, cleaning, or just changing out your e-liquid flavors throughout the day.

With so many unique vape brands out there, BLVK Unicorn users have proven to be loyal customers, so we offer something special for our most enthused smokers who love to rep our steez every day! we are Our fresh license plate frames come in sizes for your vehicle or motorcycle! With a combination of our BLVK Unicorn exclusive accessories and e-liquid, you can guarantee maximum pleasure, maximum style, and of course, maximum majesty.


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