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What Makes Our E-Liquid Premium?

What Makes Our E-Liquid Premium?

With so many options for vape juice on the market, BLVK Unicorn prides itself on keeping its users informed about our premium e-juice and line of unique products. As the vape population continues to grow, so does BLVK Unicorn and we want to keep of faithful unicorns with us for the ride! How will we do that, you may be wondering! What sets BLVK Unicorn apart from other leading vape juice brands?  Well, it is as simple as this – dedication, transparency, and premium e-liquid!

We know our readers are curious about what components really qualify their vape juice as a “premium” product, so BLVK Unicorn is going to give you all the juicy details. Obviously, the number one factor that certifies your e-liquid as a high-grade product has to do with the ingredients.

 You know that all BLVK Unicorn juices are comprised of Vegetable Glycerin and propylene glycol, like most competitors – but you still have to take into consideration of flavor. This is one of the biggest draws to vaping, and the process for extracting and implementing the perfect flavor and scent. BLVK Unicorn has taken the time to master its flavors and create something totally unique to our brand.

After dialing in our perfect consistency, ingredients, and color – the e-liquid must be tested to see which grading scale it falls under. All the heavy hitting brands, BLVK Unicorn included (obviously) usually fall on USP grading scale. 

The United States Pharmacopoeia is responsible for checking standards and testing on a variety medicines and dietary supplements, and of course – you may have guessed, vape juice! If e-liquids rank to USP standards, you can guarantee this is the top of the line! For more underdeveloped brands, you may recognize that e-liquids are labeled as food grade.

We’ve talked about the makeup of premium e-juices, but we haven’t really talked about the making itself! Like any other ingestible item, BLVK Unicorn agrees that all e-liquids should be created in a compliant, sterile, safe environment! Much like our home lab in Southern California, e-liquid manufactures must uphold a pristine location and equipment and are subject to inspection! This ensures that you are only inhaling the cleanest, safest e-liquid on the market! Manufactures can follow this same rule of thumb when it comes to bottling, by maintaining a spotless facility.

Last but certainly not least, the other keynote for being classified as a premium e-liquid has to do with the price point. For our more involved vapers out there, you might find that BLVK Unicorn and other popular brands are a bit higher on their price, but the old saying of “you get what you pay for,” certainly comes into play here! While premium vape, juice is generally in the same price bracket, sometimes smaller batch, or customized juices can be tad bit more. It always important to know where you spend your hard-earned dollars, so BLVK Unicorn wants to reassure its unicorns that every time you purchase with us, you are making a quality decision!

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