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How to Prime and break in coils with BLVK E-Liquid

How to Prime and break in coils with BLVK E-Liquid

BLVK Unicorn staff wants to thank its dedicated readers for joining us weekly on our BLVK blog! This week we want to focus on how we can provide are already loyal crew with some extra sunshine on device maintenance.

We are going to talk about the best way to prime your coils and get them broken in for the longest possible functionality and pristine vaping encounters the entire time! Whether it's prepping a skillet, preparing your face for makeup, waxing up your surf/snowboard, or firing up your new mod – priming is key. You never want to shock your coil; this could cause an undesirable taste as well as damage to your new coil.

Let’s roll it back a bit in case we have any newbies out there wondering what the heck a coil is! A vape coil is the operator of your well juiced vaping machine. Combined with an atomizer and wick, this circular piece creates the heat to get your e-liquid bubbling and vaporized. You will find that pods or simpler e-cigarettes do not require this extra step of priming, but if you are using a more intuitive mod, following these simple tips will greatly increase its longevity and protect you from damaging your coils!

First, you will begin by attaching the fresh coil to your mod tank. Once it is secured in its place you carefully add some e-juice drops to the wick, try not to be too overzealous – remember this is just the pregame, but you want to make sure there is visible e-liquid on the cotton. 

 You can continue to build the rest of the tank until it is fully assembled and then the exciting part – fill it with your favorite premium BLVK Unicorn e-liquid! Give your device a solid 5-10 minutes to get really saucy, wicks can differ on their absorption speed and you want to be sure you are not heating a semi-dry coil.

Now you are all primed up and ready to party, but you still want to give your coil some time to get broken in and comfortable. This can be done by starting at a lower temperature than you prefer to vape at. Instead of starting off by taking serious rips, BLVK Unicorn recommends taking a couple of small inhales to get it heated properly. You can then simultaneously start to slowly increase your temp until you reach your perfect wattage! 

By taking just an extra few minutes to properly procure your coils you will extend their workable lifespan and achieve the best possible flavor profile. It easy to jump the gun and skip the priming and breaking in steps which can cause unnecessary frying, damage to your mod, and wasted money. So, the next time you are swapping out your coils and gearing up for your next vape gathering, remember these easy steps and share with a friend! We here at BLVK Unicorn hope that we saved more than one coils life today, and that these tipsips will guide you to a land of perfectly lubricated coils and happy vapor clouds every time!

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